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Just the thought of me going to a new school frightens me. Not knowing anyone there, being a complete outsider just frightens me like none other. I hate being alone, I just hate it with a passion. Why on Earth did my parents move out of state right in the middle of the f***ing school year?! Now, I have to make new friends and try my damn hardest to fit in and hope to not get bullied. The past few years I have moved, I always end up being bullied for no f***ing reason. Hopefully, all goes well for me. I really don’t want to do this, but I got to do this.
First day at my new school here in Kentucky, and I swear this day is going to be hell for me. Walking around this high school makes me feel so completely overwhelmed. I feel like I’m a worm, and all of the birds are going to eat me alive. These people here are going to give me trouble and I definitely know it for damn sure. Everyone here dressing up all “country” and I’m just here in my ragged and broken-down clothes I’ve had for god knows how long. Everything seemed perfectly fine until someone noticed me and tried to talk to me. I tried so hard to ignore her preppy ass, but I caved in and talked to her like I wanted to be her friend, but I don’t want to.
“Hey, you! Come here!” said Kristee. Kristee had this flannel on with ripped jeans and old cowgirl boots. Me compared to her? Yea I’m practically nothing compared to her. “Are you deaf? I said, come here!” that’s when I caved in. “Yea?” I said. “Who are you?” said Kristee. “I’m Jessie.” Kristee said “Well, Jessie, I’m Kristee and this is April, Alex, and Carter. We seen you walking around here all alone and we figured that you need a couple of friends.” I didn’t know what to say. I thought to myself “Why in the living hell they want to be friends with me?” I didn’t say that out loud, instead I said “Well I better get going. I don’t want to be bothering you girls anyways.” “Wait! Stay with us, Jessie!” said Kristee.
“Ehh okay, I guess.” So, me and the other girls talked around for a bit and I thought “They actually want to be friends with me. Wow!” It was now nighttime and I was up in my room, when all of a sudden, my phone rings. It was Kristee. I forgotten that I gave her and the others my number. I was tempting to not pick up the phone and answer, but I did anyways. “Hello?” “Hey Jessie! It’s me, Kristee” “Oh. Hey, Kristee.” “What’s up?” “Oh nothing, just relaxing.” “Well me and the girls were going to have a little sleep over and I was wondering if you want to join us. Do you?” “Well I don’t know. I never really get invited to anything.” “Come on girl! Please?” “Well if you insist.” “Great! Can you be here in 10 minutes? I live on the same street as you. Just way at the end of it.” I heard the girls laughing in the background, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I figured one of them said something funny.
“Yeah. Let me get my stuff, let my parents know I’m going to be gone for the night and I’ll drive my way to ya.” “Wait. You drive?” “Yeah. I’m 18 and I got my license.” “Me and the others thought you were 17 and a junior.” “Um nope. I’m 18 and I’m a senior.” “Just be here when you can.” I hung up the phone and got ready. I done did let my parents know and they were cool with it. I grabbed my sleeping bag, my extra set of clothes, pajamas, and my pocket knife. I grabbed it just for protection. I got into my Chevy Blazer and went on my way.
I’m completely nervous to go, but I did anyways. Thank god these girls planned this on a Friday night because there would be no way in hell my parents would let me do this on a school night. I finally got there and I saw Kristee outside waiting for me. She saw my knife and said “Why do you have that, Jessie?” “I bring it with me wherever I go, just in case I get jumped or something like that.” “Well, you definitely won’t be needing that tonight!” “ Oh, well, um okay.” We went up to Kristee’s room and pretty much just talked for a good bit.
That is when I remembered what Kristee had said to me outside. She sounded a bit sketchy when she said that. When we were walking up to her room, I peeked from the corner of my eye earlier and she had this mean look on her face, like when someone is planning something devious. I am now completely petrified inside. I knew I should have turned back and texted Kristee saying that some family issue came up and that I can’t make it. It is already too late for me to turn back. This whole slumber party is probably a huge set up!
“So, Jessie.” said Carter “Yeah?” “Why did you decide to move here to Kentucky?” “Because my parents move a lot and they just had to move out of state.” Carter had this confused look on her face. “ Well okay.” Carter said with her confused look. We pretty much talked for another good 15 minutes when Kristee got up, closed the door, locked it, and yelled “Pillow fight!” I knew I was dead meat. Everyone went after me for some f***ed up reason. I tried my best to get out of it, but I failed. Then, all of a sudden, Alex hit me in the butt with a pillow, I tripped over something. Fell and now I can’t get up.
Kristee said “Tie her up now!” I knew I had to run, but I couldn’t. They now have me all tied up. Now, all of the girls left the room and did not come back. As soon as they left, I tried to grab my pocket knife and cut the ropes to break free. I managed to succeed, and now I had to get out of the house to save myself from any other trouble. I quickly packed up my stuff, grabbed my keys and knife, and I f***ing ran for my life! There is no way in hell I’m gonna be staying here with these stupid sons of b****es! No way I’m doing that!
I sprinted out of that house, got in my car and locked the doors. As I was about to drive off, Kristee and the other girls tried to get into my car and beat me up! Then, I heard that tailgate of my car pop open and I immediately grabbed my knife. Kristee came to the driver’s side and started to beat me up. She was trying to grab my knife and stab me, but I managed to get my knife out of range. I quickly unlocked my driver’s side door, threw Kristee out, closed the door and drove off. My mind was racing. I could not believe what had just happened!
I managed to get home safely, but my parents were waiting for me as I was pulling up. I have no idea why on Earth they were out there. My mom said “Are you okay?” “Yes, mom. I am fine” “Are you sure? You seem shaken up.” “Yes I am sure.” I don’t want my parents to know what exactly what happened. I sprinted to my room and locked the door behind me. My mind was racing and I did not know what to do. I could not stop crying because I am that scared.


Then, my mind came to a conclusion. I feel the urge to commit suicide. I don’t know what to do anymore. As I was about to trust myself with my pocket knife, my mom and dad were banging on my door. “Jessie! Open the f***ing door!” I knew I had to stop what I was doing. I quickly blocked Kristee and her friends off my phone, and deleted all of the messages. I unlocked my door and my parents ran in and hugged me.
My dad said “Are you okay? We got a call from Kristee’s mom and she told us what she did to you.” “Yes I’m okay. I should have told you two in the first place.” “Well, we are moving again because we do not want you to go through this ever again.” my mom said. “Please because I do not want to be in the same state as them!” “We are moving back to Nevada in 3 days. Pack up your stuff in the morning.” my mom said.
Finally, I am coming back home. Living in Kentucky was a f***ing nightmare. After what Kristee and her fake ass friends did to me, hell no! I am not staying in the same state as them! Especially when Kristee lives on the same street as me! I still cannot believe what had happened. No one has ever done this to me. I don’t know if I can get this horrid thing out of my head. I have been betrayed. Betrayed by my so called friends. I want nothing to do with them anymore. Never again will I be treated like this.

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