Which Cat Is A Witch

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     The Black Cat is what they called her even though she was no such thing. The townspeople gave her that name after she took her third victims life. Her work is quick and clever just like a cat, she takes the name as a compliment. She dressed in black for a reason, to symbolize death. Whatever house wife said it was a witch took the form of a black cat to kill her husband must have been either bored or delusional. She laughed at the thought of witches. She has the whole town of Salem on lock down, men hunting for black cats and witches to burn alive. Word spread about the unluckiness of black cats, how they are witches’ cats and work for Satan himself.
     Tonight was her last night in Salem, only one more unfaithful husband left. He was the easiest prey of them all, a little wink and a couple flirty grins and that whore of a man was hers. He shouldn’t have cheated on his wife. She thought. If only he new what was coming for him. She led him to the dark, smoke filled room in the back of the brothel. Purple pillows and blankets were scattered around the room. The Black Cat sat at the edge of the bed waiting for him to put make a move on her; to her disappointment he didn’t.  She c***ed her head to the side and flashed him a grin, “Does your wife know that you are here?” 
     “No and she is not going to find out.”
     “You know, I used to have a husband once.” She strode over to him, “He cheated on me with my sister.” She let out a laugh “Can you believe that?”
     “I didn’t pay to listen to some low life’s life story.  Get on with it woman.” He commanded.  She ran her hand along his masculine shoulder as she circled him.
     She stopped when she reached the back of him, not letting go of his shoulder.  “Can I ask you one more thing?”
     “Okay. But hurry up.” He said.
     “Did you know,” Her hands slide up his face and started playing with is black curly hair. “that it is bad luck to cross paths with a black cat?” With one twist of her wrist a bone cracking noise came from the man’s neck that made even her skin crawl. He dropped to the floor with a loud thud.
     “It’s a pity you had to die. You were quite handsome.” She stepped over his lifeless body, her heels clanging against the floor as she strutted away.

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