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Not everyone has a quality called patients. It’s hard to be patient when your student does not understand their homework, or when your dog doesn’t understand the concept of the lesson you're trying to teach.  When people lose their patients that means they basically give up. I know that some of you know that there is a way to stay patient, and I would like to tell you, of a very patient man. This example comes from the author named, Jack London. The book that he wrote is called “White Fang.” this story talks about a wolf dog. White Fang did not know any kindness. All the owners that White Fang had, treated him badly. Until one day he came upon human kindness and got a new owner. His new owner tried to plant a seed of kindness. This is where we come back to patients. White Fangs owner Scott, proves to be patient through speech, action and other character reactions.
First of all Scott’s speech displays patients. Through the whole story we see that Scott always speaks wisely. When we look at the story closely we find a really big situation that proves Scott’s patients. It happened to be that Scott and a dog musher, Matt tried to win the confidence of White Fang. as Scott reached over to pet White Fang the dog sprang to it’s feet and bit cott’s hand. “Matt had dashed into the cabin and came out with a rifle.” (London 258). Matt was planning on killing the dog but Scott disagreed. “You said to give him a chance. Well, give it to him. We’ve only just started, and we can’t quit at the beginning.” (London 259). In this passage we see that Scott is trying to persuade Matt so he will not kill the dog, even though the dog bit his own hand. He is really patient.
Another way to show that Scott is patient is by his reactions. What happens is that Scott is now trying a new way to get the confidence of White Fang. “He talks to White Fang as White Fang had never been talked to. He talked softly and soothingly, with a gentleness that somehow, somewhere touched White Fang.” (262). Scott did not give up. He talked to White Fang and gave him fish but he still did not give up.
A third example that we could give about patients is action. Action always played a big role in patients. It’s not that easy to act patient, but Scott did know how to show patients in action. One’s when Scott walked out from his house he went shooked. Over the night White Fang killed fifty hens. What would you do if you saw this picture? Well this is what Scott did. “He also, held White Fang’s nose down to the slain hens, and at the same time cuffed him soundly.”(London 313). “Then his master took him into the chicken yards. White Fang’s natural impulse, when he saw the living food fluttering about him and under his nose, was to spring upon it. He obeyed the impulse, but as checked by his master's voice. They continued in the yard for half an hour.” (London 313). “Thus it was learned the law, and ere he left the domain of the chickens,he had learned to ignore their existence.” (London 314). Could you imagine sitting in the chickens yard for half an hour and teaching the dog not to disturb the chickens. Yes, this is how patient Scott was. He would sit there and do his job until it was successfully done.
Now we could see what patients leads to. Scott was patient enough to help White Fang become a good and strong dog. If Scott was not patient I don’t think he would be able to make White Fang a good and strong dog. Scott proved to be patient through his speech by saving White Fang from death. Also we could see that Scott proved to be patient in his action by sitting in the chicken yard for half an hour. What will you choose to make a good deal by being patient or my being the quiter?

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