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September 26, 2016
By , Sacramento, CA

    Many people all own or buy houses, but only a small amount of people customize their houses for themselves. The fact that it would take a lot of thinking,time and money, but you will feel accomplished once you done it. Having the house you want and it wouldn't matter what size you have as long as you worked hard for it. Choosing a career would probably the hardest decision also choosing the right college to be in.

    There are many ways of this dream to be accomplished. I could go to college and choose a career that's right for me , i can get lucky and get the best job that pays a lot of money. It just all depends what i do and how i do it. Building your own house isn't tough you see or hear people do it all the time, you really just need the money. Money can be the most difficult part, but it would be all worth it at the end.

    When i hear people say that there building a house on the coast or somewhere amazing. You would want to do it yourself, you would want to work hard to do this dream. My house would have so many things it wouldn't be too big, but just right for me or even my future family. My house would be place on something amazing like i hear on t.v or real life. I would hopefully have the nicest neighbors, or maybe even the nowhere.

    The house i would want wouldn't be too big or too small but as long as you have the house you would want is all that matters to me.There are going to be a lot of steps in my life to accomplish this dream and would be my biggest goal to do something like this. Many of my relatives and friends would definitely be proud of me. Only if i work hard for this.

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