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Fighting Ville

It was a rainy day,in the city of Fighting Ville.But it was never a happy day.You could infer Fighthing is a city were people fight all the time and it is.But there's one child that doesn't like all the fighting.Her name is Lisa she's 10 years old.Lisa belives that people should love each other but she doesn't know how to tell the people of Fighting Ville without them laughing or making fun of her.
One day when Lisa was walking home from school an old lady stop her and said,"I know how you could make everyone love each other,take this map it has all the directions and instructions but follow them as writtena and Fighting Ville will find happinessGHTING VILLE',everyone taught that was a star when you saw it from a distance but now Lisa new it was the happiness for Fighting Ville.
The next day Lisa taught it was enough and decided to go to the mountains.She got her backpack and packed food,water,extra clothes and the map.Lisa left her house like a normal school day.She rode her bike all the way to the mountain fence be okay and I'll be back.''
Went Lisa went over the fence she was frightenbecause the mountain was huge.She started climbing  the mountain because she didn't now how long it will take to get up there.By the time it was 7pm her parents realise she was gone but instead of looking for her they started fighting.At that time Lisa was half way through the mountain,maybe if she wouldn't take a break she'll finish in a day but she was tired.ave a little more at the top.Lisa began climbing and when she got inside the cave she saw a baby left alone.Lisa couldn't comprehend how was the baby there alone and still alive,she spend the night in the cave with the baby.The next day Lisa couldn't leave the baby alone so she took him with her.She knew it was going to be more difficult but she had to take him with her.By 5pm Lisa was almost at the top she could see the shiny key,but Lisa was tired and stop for the day she found another cave were she spend the night with the baby.The next day Lisa woke up really early and started climbing, around 12pm she was at the top and all she needed to do is open the door at the top of the mountain with the shiny key.Lisa ran to get the key but as she ran a big wind came in and it started raining cats and dogs which made it harder for Lisa to see but that didn't make her give up.She was only 1 feet away,she streched her right arm and grabs the key as she tries to open the door the rain gets harder and the wind does too.But then Lisa did it she open the door and time seem to freeze because the wind and rain stoped and the fighthing stoped too.
Lisa was confused she didn't know what happen.
'STEP HERE'read the inside of the door.Lisa along with the baby steped on the inside and it felt like if you were falling from the sky at the fastest speed but Lisa didn't know she was going back down to Fighting Ville the fastest way.
When Lisa got down everyone greeted her nicely and her parents were happy to see her.
She also decided to put the baby in adoption

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