The Laboratory // Part 1

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It was a normal Wednesday afternoon, you were on your way home when you GPS decided to take you the long way home, you had never been this way and you were wondering why this happened. You were driving for what felt forever, when your car shut-off. You didn’t know where you were or where the nearest gas station was so you grabbed your phone, its extra battery, a flash light and your hand-held GPS, with all of your items of choice you went out to search for a gas station, bzzzt-bzzzt, your brother was calling you, you answer. “Hey! Whe- you I’ve be-” He tried to say but got cut off. Dang no cell service you think to yourself, you kept walking until you saw a gas station, when you went inside a foul smell surrounded you. The feeling it gave you made you pass out.
When you wake up, you think it was a dream since you are in a bed, you look around to find you are in a laboratory, you struggle to get out of the straps that are holding you down, after a few seconds of struggling a tall slender humanoid comes crawling in, he picks up a few sharp tools.

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