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The Mystery Man's Madness

The Mystery Man's Madness
Terisa woke up to the sound of her alarm. She groggily looked over, hoping she set the alarm a few hours too early. Unfortunately it was 7:30. She sleepily started her routine. When she had reached the office she got herself a bagel and sat behind her desk. She was a secretary at Lookless Live More, a real estate agency. She hated her job. But it did paid for the bills. Terisa started sorting through some papers. She hated her life, always so predictable and boring, with no one absolutely no one in it. No friends no family. So every day she would do the same thing, get up, go to work, go home, sleep and start it all over. There was absolutely no variate to her life. Terisa left her desk for a few moments to use the ladies room, when she got back she was treated with a surprise a rose. That was odd she didn’t know anyone who bring her a rose. She picked it up and saw a note next to it it read: To the girl rose up high in my heart and filled my life with flowers - the mystery man. She had no clue to who the mysterman was. It was romantic tho so she stuck the note in her pocket and set the rose up on her desk. All day Terisa pondered over who this mystery man was. Who could have sent it to her. She was left stumped, she knew no one who could have ever loved her. Terisa finished her day's work and headed out to her car. She was walking across the road when she heard a screech of a car coming 90 miles per hour straight towards her. She screamed in fear as she watched her upcoming death approach her. When she felt a strong force jump out and push her to the ground, away from the car. Terisa was breathing heavily trying to recover from what just happened. She looked up to see a tall man hovering over her. “Are you alright” he asked breathlessly. He looked very frightened and concerned about her. “Um.. yes I’m fine” Terisa responded shakily. He sighed in relief and sat down next to her while he tried to catch his breath. He had saved her. Terisa was shocked, no one had ever cared about what happened to her before. Even if she didn’t know the man she couldn’t help but be flattered. “Um… thanks.. thanks for… saving me.” she stuttered still a little flustered from the near death experience. She looked over at him he was smiling at her in a odd way. She shook the uncomfortable feeling she had about him off. “It was no problem I’m just glad you are all right” he then smiled at her again. She felt something she hadn’t felt in a long while, loved. She knew she had to repay his kindness in some way. “Um… well thanks I want to do something for you is there anything you want or need.” She felt odd saying that it had been awhile since she tried talking to someone nicely. “Well I don’t like taking advantage over the people I had just saved normally, but since you asked I was actually going to dinner with my sister when she had to cancel, and it is no fun to have dinner by yourself so if you're hungry would you allow me to buy you dinner.” Terisa blushed she couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth or not but she sure wasn't going to refuse his generous offer. She had never felt so wanted in all her life. “Ok that would be great.” The man stood up and helped her to her feet, and started walking to a restaurant a few blocks away. She had a wonderful dinner, he was so cordial and kind threw out the whole dinner, he even had insisted to walk her home. He drove her straight to her building, and walked her to her apartment room. When they got there he stopped her. “Terisa I have a confession, this is not the first time we met I see you everyday passing my building. I grew to quite enjoy your daily walk, you are so very pretty, and you have this kind of glow about you. Anyhow what I am saying is that, that rose you got earlier from today, well I sent it.” Terisa smiled “relay oh that was so kind, you really made my day by doing that. Thank you I do hope to see you again.” Terisa was glowing with happiness. “I would love to see you again if you truly want me to, if you don’t say the word and I will go away but if you do I will write your name down so I will not forget. It is your choice.” Terisa was glowing she had to hold in her excitement. “Yes yes I would love to see you again and my name is” “TERISA.” The mystery man interrupted her she was quite taken back. “I heard you tell someone your name before, and I couldn’t forget because it is such a pretty name.” Terisa grinned again “ok well I will see you tomorrow.” She kissed him on the cheek and went in. Terisa was up almost all night thinking about her mystery man. In the morning when she got to her car she was surprised to see it was filled with roses. She opened the door and a few roses fell out. She didn’t have time to clean her car out because she was already running late, so she started fighting her way threw the roses. The thorns on the roses tore her cloths and scraped her skin.  Who would do this who would do such a mean thing. She fought to the steering wheel when she noticed how much she was bleeding. It made her a little queasy. She tried to scoot her way in. She would remove the rest of the roses when she finished work today. She stuck in her key and started the car up when she felt something on the dash board. She pulled it out to see a picture. It was a picture of her a few weeks ago walking down the street on it was these words. I see you EVERY DAY passing my building. Terisa gasped it couldn’t be him he was to nice to cordial, and to take a picture of her without her permission it was impossible. But even if it wasn’t him she still had a problem on her hands. She reached the office and walked to her desk. It was coated with rose petals. She immediately started to clear it away. Underneath it was another photograph this one this one was of her eating breakfast, a few days ago. Written under it was: you are so very pretty  and you have this kind of glow about you. Terisa was starting to get very frightened. What should she do, should she report him. He hadn’t really done anything that wrong, he maybe was trying to be romantic, even tho he was failing miserably. She took a deep breath and started to work. A few hours passed and it was time for her lunch break. Terisa decided to go out for lunch for a change. She headed to her car quickly.When she opened the door to her horror in the back seat was her boss. Her body was covered in blood and her eyes were open in a misty way. Terisa screamed and closed the door. She stood outside of that car panting for awhile. What should she do, who had done this. She opened the car again and got a better look at her boss Katie. Terisa noticed something she didn’t notice before, a rose was forced into her hand. Terisa gasped what should she do, should she call the police. But what if she got blamed, and he got away with it. Everything started to spin, Terisa fumbled over to the driver's seat. When she sat down she felt something underneath of her. It was a box, she opened it up. In it were hundreds of pictures of her. Some were very morbid, with photoshop that showed terisa cut in half, with blood pouring out of her head, and words that said death. Terisa started throwing the photos onto the ground. At the very bottom was a letter. Dear Terisa I hope you enjoy your gift. I love you more then anything, and will do anything for you. I have a gift for you at home please come and see it. I will always love you- The Mystery Man. Terisa was shocked and wasn’t thinking properly, if she was she wouldn’t have done what she did. She started up the car and drove home, She entered her empty apartment room what looked like her empty apartment room. She walked in hoping maybe this was all a hallucination and everything was ok now. But then out of nowhere a pair of arms wrapped around her. “Hello my love” Terisa screamed realizing who it was. “I have been waiting for you I had a hard time waiting because I love you so much.” Terisa was able to pull herself away from him. She got a good look at him he was wearing a tee shirt and pants that had her picture printed all over it. And her name was written all over him over and over again. He got closer to her and pushed her against the wall. “Let me go” she sobbed. He pulled her in a hug as she cried hysterically. “Honey, in all my experience of life I learned that life isn’t good, that it wants us all dead. So I decided why be together in torture when we could be together in a land unknown we can explore it together.” Terisa  got he was saying, for she had the same thoughts before. “No no please don’t” she sobbed uncontrollably. “Oh yes oh yes I will.” The last thing she ever heard was his laughing as she crumbled in pain to the floor. Death came quickly and took her away. Because of the Mystery man's madness.

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