August 2, 2016
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     My mother told me about the jungle once; the way the sunshine weaves its way through the dripping leaves after a storm, the chirping of birds and the screeching of monkeys.  I asked her one day why we weren’t there she would say, “The monsters took me away.” A week after the monsters came back again and took her away from me, I paced around my “home” for days waiting for her but she never came, now I am all alone.
     My home is very small, nothing like the jungle I would imagine; rough grey walls surrounds me. Sometimes when the sun shines just right, I can feel its warmth on my body. Once in a while I like to pretend that I am in the jungle. I tune out the monsters stand above me, watching and pointing. But my daydreams come to an end when the monsters throw strange objects at me. I don’t know what I did to deserve that. All I want is a band of gorillas to call family or friends. A real home. 
     An ear piercing cry came from one of the monsters above followed by a loud bone cracking smack close by. Cautiously and curiously, I moved toward the source of the noise. It was a monster, a smaller one though. How did it get in here? Is it hurt?  It reeked of sweat and something foreign to my nose.  Monsters started to swarm the walls shouting at me?  What do I do? What is happening? I start too pace by the monster child, I need to hide, there are to many monsters they might hurt me.
     The little monster cried out, it rolled over onto its back, I stopped dead in my tracks. Our eyes meet, I could see the fear in them. Could it see the fear in mine? It screamed, scared I reared up and back away.  Its body started trembling, snot was coming out of its nose as it cried. It tried moving away more but couldn’t move. Should I help it?  I tried asking it if the monsters lock it in here too but it wouldn’t stop crying, I don’t think that it understands me. 
     When I was little my mom used to hold me when I was sad and protect me when I was scared. Why shouldn’t I do that to the little monster? The monster squirmed in my arms, the others screamed. What am I doing wrong? Aren’t I helping? They are the ones who put it here. Maybe he would feel better somewhere quieter away from all the noise. With the little monster still in my arms I walked over to the bushes and laid it on my bed of grass, out of sight from the chaos above. “I wont let them hurt you.” I told it, even though it doesn’t understand. “You can be part of my band.”
     My mom told me about the crackling thunder, she said it was there the day that she was taken from the jungle, her family. I never imagined it would hurt so much. My eyes budged out, blood oozed out of my back. Where did it come from? I stood in front of the weeping little monster not wanting the crackling thunder to sting it and feel the pain I now feel in my back. My heart hammered against my chest.
     Bang! Bang! All I could feel was my fear and pain; my vision started to blur, I stumbled onto the wall, blood was smeared along the wall. My blood.   Anther bang sounded; a wave of darkness washed over me as I hit the hard cold ground.

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