Dreaming on Your Feet

July 14, 2016

Dance. The word echoes through my body everyday. With the pressure to be the best. Everyday when I take off my pointe shoes, I look at my feet. Bruises, scratches, and pain. It's all because of one word, dance. It was everything to me. I lived, slept, and ate dance. It was my life, until one thing changed it all. It all started on a cold, windy day.

"Get up Elise,'' my mother shouted in frustration. I rolled over in my pastel blue bed to look at my alarm clock. Oh it's just seven o'clock. Seven o'clock! I fell out of bed onto my little white rug beneath my bed, and scurried to get dressed. I put on my school uniform and rushed downstairs. "No time to eat," my mother said as I saw she had already put all the food away. My stomach growled. Ugh! I ran outside and made the school bus just in time. I sat alone as usual. I went into school as usual. Not being noticed at all. Then after school my mom picked me up to go to my dance studio. School and dance were much different. In school I was nothing, in dance I was everything. I went inside the studio and was greeted with smiling faces. I changed into my leotard, and tied my hair in a delicate bun. I walked into the break room where we dancers hang out and stretch before class. "Elise, what did you get on the math quiz?" I turned around to see my ballet friend, Tiffany, in her middle split stretching. I slid down in my middle split, in front of her, and sighed. "I got a D. What else would I get," I said trying to stretch even more. Tiffany took a breathe, "If only you took school as serious as you took dance." I sighed once more, "It's not like I enjoy dancing, I'm forced. I have to do good. My mother pressures me everyday. I hate it!" Tiffany stood up and walked over to her bag. "Why don't you just tell her then, " she said as she took a sip of water from her pink, ballet water bottle. "I can't. She always dreamed of being a dancer, so I have to fulfill her dream," I said as I came out of my split. Tiffany rolled her eyes, "If I were you, I would tell her." Before I could say anything we were called to class. We stood in a straight line. As our dance teacher, Mrs. Amelie, took attendance, I examined the room as usual. The solid, brown, wood floor and the four huge mirrors in the front of the room. I looked over at the bars, I basically grew up dancing on them. I looked down the line, to see some of the girls I have danced years with, and girls I barely know.  Somebody stood out to me. A boy with caramel hair, and blue eyes was at the end of the row. His smile was charming, he looked genuine, like anyone can trust him."Ladies, I have a very special announcement. As many of you are wondering why this charming young man is here. He is here to escort some very lucky girl to a rehearsal. To be more specific, a rehearsal for a entry in the Boston Dance Competition,'' Mrs. Amelie said with excitement. All the girls gasped. "Now all of you are very talented, but one of you has shown great dedication. She has passion, and a natural talent for ballet. I am proud to announce Elise will be representing us in the Boston Dance Competition." My mouth dropped. What? Mrs. Amelie hated me. She was the only teacher that did. I walked over to the young man who escorted me out of the studio. We stood in the break room for a few moments before he opened his mouth. "Hey I'm Edward, I will be your partner." I was confused, "Excuse me, partner?" He smiled and continued, "Yeah we are partnering." I have never done partnering before, so I just nodded like I have done it before. "We are doing a ballet scene inspired by Swan Lake." I nodded. We went to a different studio, and he taught me some moves, the hardest ones first. The leap where he caught me was first. I went to one side of the room, him at the other. He counted down from three. Then we started running to each other. I was so afraid if he was going to catch me. I closed my eyes and leaped. When I opened them, I realized his hands were around my waist. He caught me. At that moment, he didn't just catch me, he stole my heart.

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CNBono17 said...
Jul. 17, 2016 at 10:44 pm
Oh, NOW it lets me type...ah, well, my laptop has a mind of its own. My extended comment is on the thread this time! Nice job!
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