The Willow Tree

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         I'm sweating from my climb up the hill. The breeze brings the smell of the ocean and fresh dew from the bottom of the cliff. The leaves on the willow tree sway and dance and rustle as if to say "No! No! Step away! Don't fall!" I don't fall but sit back in my nook in the branches. The rocky shore a long distance below me churns and crashes like a huge monster ready to eat me of I fall. Marcus sits higher than me. He is handsome with golden blond hair and soft blue eyes that look protectivly at me as I crawl up the branch toward him.  He scoots over and I cuddle into his warmth.

         The willow's leaves slap against us as we sit there. The wind picks up and the gray sky begins to pour rain down on us. "We should go." Marcus says to me. I nod and begin scooting down the wet branch. Marcus stands up and walks down it.

          His foot slips and he goes tumbling down into the cliff to my horror. I scream "Marcus!" and make a wild grab for his hand. I catch it but slide down the branch toward the rocky shoreline with him. "Lisa!" He screams my name. My white wedding dress billows around me. We didn't even get to start out honeymoon but we are going to die together.

          Die. The word bounces in my head as the wind whips my hair and skirt. Then, the wind shifts directions. I'm going up. I'm flying! I'm flying and looking down upon the world with Marcus by my side. We are alive! We are invincible.

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