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I Told Them

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I want the sound to stop, it’s too loud. The painful screeching, like nails on a chalk board, is tumbling in my ears and affecting my hearing. I cover my ears with my hands, but I can’t make it stop. My throat starts reacting to this pain, so I scream until I can no more. Until tears flood out of my blue eyes. I warned them, I am normal just like the others. They didn’t listen at all, they thought I was crazy. I may be crazy, but I say the truth. Finally, I stop screaming.

I faint.

I wake up in a room. It’s a squared room with white paint. No windows, only one door. I can sense that it’s locked. I stand up and walk up to a mirror. In the mirror stands a girl. She’s not a pretty girl, but she isn’t ugly. Everyone says that girl is special. That she isn’t like the others. All I see is a girl covered in blood. Behind this girl stands a man. I don’t panic, because I once knew that man.

I turn around and he is still standing there. He smiles at me like an old friend, I breathe slowly, trying not to panic.

“You do have the guts to come back. Don’t you, Paige?” I just stare at him, because I can’t answer any more. My throat doesn’t want to work, it’s done with me. Just like my family. The man laughs, knowing I won’t give up. “Seriously, how can you just stare at me and not get scared? You know how many people I tortured?” One million.

“I won’t give up.” I whisper.

“Well, I know you won’t. You will if I kill you though.” He starts walking towards me, holding a knife next to him. I know exactly what is going to happen in a minute.

A minute passes.

He stabs me.

Blood pours out.

I die.

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