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The Immortal Way

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A rich man went to a wise sage who lived on a mountain. The rich man asked the sage if he knew how to find eternal life. He had searched the entire earth and had not found the answer. The sage pondered for more than an hour. Then, in tones of despondency, he looked at the rich man and said,
“I indeed know the secret of eternal life.” The rich man was exceedingly puzzled by his countenance, and asked the sage why he looked so despondent.
“Because,” said the sage, “many like you have come and have asked the very question you have just asked me. But they have ignored my advice and have died unhappy. Indeed, I see that you have already ignored the call.” The wise man protested, and said that he had tried everything that was suggested to him. He insisted that if the sage would enlighten him he would take his advice at once. The sage closed his eyes. He seemed to sink deep within himself. Then, with a suddenness that alarmed the rich man he said, “There is one thing to do to avoid the damnation an eternal flames of hell. You must believe in Christ Jesus, son of the Most High. You must give him your heart, that it may be in His safe keeping.”
And with that, the sage fell silent. The rich man tore his hair and beard and rent his clothes. He bowed his head in anguish that his last chance at eternal life turned out to be such a falsehood. He made his way sadly down the mountain, and in a fortnight he was dead. The sage on top of the mountain shook his grey head and looked down upon a pilgrim climbing the mountain for advice.
“They want a potion, or a powder,” he thought, “but to live eternally in an unclean body is not what the Most High wishes. The only way to gain eternal life is to give up the tangible and necessarily mortal parts of life.” He looked around him at his bare dwelling, sparsely furnished, with little protection from the elements. “To each his own way.” said the sage aloud, “Those who want to live long in life have something to fear in death. But human immortality is not the answer.” The sage bent his head over a funeral pall he was weaving. With any luck, he would need it soon.

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GreatDaneLoverThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jun. 24 at 8:38 pm:
Great job Sis!!!  Different version of the story where the man asks Jesus what he might do to be saved.
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