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If You Looked into the Closet

If you were to look into a married couple’s closet what do you think you would see? Would you see her wedding dress which she cherishes as if it were a precious metal? How about his golfing shoes that he takes out every Monday afternoon? You surely would notice his suit that he wore to the wedding, which he now keeps hidden amongst his other clothing? And what about her favorite lazy day jeans? You would have to notice them.

You would have to know that the wedding dress looks condescendingly down on the casual jeans, who don’t have anything special about them at all. You certainly could never miss the love the suit feels for this dress, despite her snobby nature. But what about the golf shoes who openly brag about their great adventures on the course?

If you pay attention you can see that the jeans remain quiet and reserved. You can tell that they would much rather keep to themselves then brag or even speak at all. But oh, the joy they feel when the woman takes them from this closet, how they hug her thin legs. Who can forget the tantrum they throw when the woman tries to put them back? How they grab desperately for her soft skin, refusing to budge.

Can you sense the sorrow and shame the jeans feel, when the woman finally puts them back in the closet? The golf shoes point out that they never threw fits, and how much the man likes them. While the wedding dress laughs at the jeans and announces that she is too special to be worn. She boasts to all the others that the woman frets when another piece of clothing touches her, and that’s why she wears the plastic sleeve.

The suit is the only one who does not laugh or exclaim why he is the best, but instead remains silent. Only when the others have finished, and the jeans hang from their hangar in shame, does he speak. He points out that not a single one of them is perfect, he recalls the day the golf shoes lost their shine, and the man had to fix them. He talks about the day the wedding dress lost one of her jewels and from then on had to wear the protective cover.

Finally he shamefully talks about his own mishap, when he had fallen from the hangar and lay in the back of the closet for a month. When the man had noticed, he didn’t so much as put him back. But when the woman saw, she hurriedly grabbed a hold of him. The suit had become wrinkled and developed a tear in his sleeve, in which he had to be cleaned, and sewed.

At the end of his rant, the suit tells the others that the jeans are not the only ones with quirks. That none of them are perfect, he says that the shoes have no need to brag and make the others jealous. And the dress has no right to look down on the jeans with scorn, just because they don’t have jewels or sparkles.

In the end the others became silent, and the dress never again talked down to the jeans. In fact she hardly spoke at all, and the shoes still boasted about their adventures. Except they no longer went out of their way to make everyone else feel less important. So my friend, you can learn from the suit.

You can come to realize that he has a point, we are all different in our own ways. Someone could be the nerd, another the prom queen, but no one is perfect or special. So my dear friend, learn from the suit and help others to understand, we are all different, but no one is better than the other.

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