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The Math Girl's Heart

Last week, when we went to a party, we heard two people discussing math and could not stop ourselves before telling them about our study. We had dissected a girl’s whose love of mathematics knew no bounds and we had found such curious things in her heart…
The first thing we saw was her aorta which was cold. It was ice cold and empty except for a little ink-like substance which in our time we call by many names such as compassion, care and, most importantly, love. We then saw that both her pulmonary artery and superior vena cava intertwined as they left the heart and headed for the brain instead of doing a full circuit around the body and felt the she was somehow deprived of her heart because it was so closely related to her brain.
Going deeper, we discovered her right atrium was filled with formulas, numbers, pluses, minuses, multiplications, logarithms, functions, fractions and graph paper all packed together in an organized mass. However, looking at her left atrium, we only saw a few instruments: a calculator, a ruler, a protractor, a pencil and a compass.
Everything looked so used and tired that we started wondering if she ever stopped doing calculations but, we kept on looking and soon our efforts were rewarded when we discovered something even more peculiar: her right and left ventricles. The right ventricle was empty, full of wind which we thought to be very surprising as that is usually the place where we find a person’s most loved possession and the very reason for their existence.
Moving on to the left ventricle, we saw that, contrary to the right ventricle, it was stuffed with what we deemed useless junk. There were tears and tissues in there from all the people she had hurt. We saw, a lake of tears of which each drop represented a person that the girl had snubbed, critiqued, told her or him that she or he weren’t good enough or acted condescending in all the worst possible ways.
Finally we saw her inferior vena cava and her pulmonary veins which were perhaps the most interesting inferior vena cava and pulmonary veins we had ever seen because they were not filled with red blood. No, their blood was words, mean hateful words said about her and by her which had woven their way from her ears to her brain and had finally proceeded to cover her cardiac muscle and take over her whole heart and soul.
But, how did such a girl die you may ask. Well, she was pushed by the boy who loved her but to which she had given nothing but hate. But, do not blame him! It was a light shove but she tripped on her math book that was lying on the floor, fell forwards and hit her head against the doorknob of her math class.

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