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It all started behind a wall. It wasn’t a normal wall, it had a door to it, but it was a hidden door. I found it one day, and it moved. Behind this wall, was a room, a room with grey walls, and light from just a window. It was a large window, and the light of the sun always shone through it during the day. And in the night, the bluish rays of the moon gleamed through the window. The room was never dark, unless it was black as pitch outside. And in this room, we held the meetings.

Meetings of silence meetings in which nobody spoke. We were all friend and we loved each other’s company, but still, we didn’t speak. Not in our room, at least.

We didn’t speak as to not interrupt, for we were all there to express.

The wall where Emily worked was not grey anymore. It was bright with her expressive color. Paint stained the floor by her feet, and the smell of her sweet paint was what hung in the air around the room.

There was a bar bolted to the wall where Raven worked, along with a full body mirror. She danced to the music that she was provided with, but she had no routines. It was spontaneous, and very lovely.

The music she danced to was that of Samuel. He could play just about any instrument he laid his hands on, but his pride and joy was the violin. He stood at the window most of the time, gazing out into the distance as he played his music, quite wonderfully might I add.

And then there was me, perched in a corner, half drowning in vials of ink and surrounded by empty journals. I scrawled in each of these journals. Whatever adventures played out in my mind, was now etched into the papers that I wrote in.

While none of us in that room actually spoke to one another, we all listened, and watched, and admired.

And our time spent in that room, was wonderful.

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