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Excerpt from European Dreams

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As the night went on Sofia had been fooling around with all the different dance styles so she had met many people. As she was in the middle of the waltz with a stranger he commented on her blue eyes the bridge of freckles across her nose. But when he said she was a great dancer she had to argue. “No really, you have a wonderful lightness to your step, it’s lovely,” commented the man. “Thank you,” Sofia spoke softly. “But I have to say you don’t look like you’re from around here. I would say you’re from Scotland because of your orange hair but you have no accent or England but still no accent, so where are you from?” asked the man. “I am from the United States,” answered Sofia. “Well that’s a long way to travel, what is your reason to take such a long trip?” questioned the man. “Just the roller coaster of life…and my friends,” replied Sofia. “Well since we’re getting into life stories I think we should at least know each other’s names,” said the man. “My name is Sofia and yours?” wondered Sofia. “Mine is Lord Kyle Chance, but call me Kyle,” told Kyle to Sofia. Sofia tripped over her own feet and fell to the floor. Kyle stared down at Sofia for a second before he offered his hand to her and she grabbed it. Their eyes staring into each other’s for only a second, then they broke away and Sofia walked off with her head down and a blush on her cheeks.
Kyle came chasing after her and grabbed her arm. He spun her around and turned her back to face him, her cheeks still bright red with embarrassment. “Where do you think you’re going?” asked Kyle. “Nowhere,” Sofia whispered with her head turned to the side so she didn’t have to stare at him. Kyle reached out and turned her face back to his and they held each other’s stare once more before the leaned in and had a gentle kiss. When they backed away Kyle took Sofia’s hand and took her for another dance.

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