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Mirror Mirror

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Mirrors always made me feel uneasy. It wasn’t a full-blown phobia, just a feeling of uneasiness whenever I was around them. I suppose it was the mystery of seeing my own reflection and the small but constant worry that there would be something wrong with my reflection or something in the reflection that I could not see. It was thinking about what could possibly be behind that reflective glass that frightened me.

Mirrors scared me the most when I was home alone at night. I usually loved being home alone, as there was no one to tell me not to eat another cookie or not to sing at the top of my voice, but there were days when I had to go to bed with no one else in the house. It was not a fear of the dark that scared me, but something more.

I would lie in that state somewhere between dreaming and waking, that time when bits of dreams begin to creep into our minds. It’s that time when nightmares, lovely visions, and strange sights all haunt our dreams at the same time. I would lie in this state for a few moments before hearing a sound. It was the clink-clink-clinking noise of metal, glass, or fingernails drumming against a hard surface. The first time I heard it, I thought it was just part of my dream. I decided that it was not part of my dream when I realized that I only heard it on nights that I was home alone. Soon after, I found that it was coming from the mirror that hung on my closet door.

I know what you’re thinking. “Just cover up the mirror, stupid.” Well, I tried that once, and I never did it again. The tapping started as usual, but after a few minutes changed to something that sounded like the horrible screech of scratching on glass or a chalkboard. The sound went on for about an hour before I finally tore the blanket off the mirror. I felt sick all night and didn’t sleep.

One morning, my mother and father informed me that they would be away for two days and two nights. Their friend, who lived across town, was sick, and his wife was away on a trip for work. They had volunteered to stay with him for the time that she was away. I knew it would be useless to beg my mother to stay home or to ask if I could go with my parents. Neither of them would believe me if I told them why I was scared.

That night, I was terrified to go to bed, but I knew that I had to at least try to sleep, because I had school the next day. I had only been in bed for a few minutes when the tapping began. I hid under the covers. It grew louder and louder, until it had become a loud banging. “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep!” I told myself. I stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, CRASH! I heard the sound of glass breaking.

I sat up in bed and turned toward the mirror! My heart pounded. I calmed down for a moment when I saw that the mirror was still solid and had not been broken. What comfort I had gotten from seeing that the mirror was not broken left when I saw a small shadow behind the glass of the mirror dart out of my view. I screamed and ducked under the covers again, sleeping for only an hour that night.

I spent all of the next day worrying about what torture awaited me that night. When I finally went to bed, the tapping did not start. After an hour, I thought that the thing in the mirror might have finally gone. Maybe it had accomplished its goal and moved on to another mirror. After another hour, though, the tapping began again, but it sounded different this time. Almost like someone dipping their fingers into water.

After only a few minutes, this sound stopped. A minute later, I heard the sound of someone plunging their entire arm into water. I sat up again and stared at my mirror. What I saw made me too scared to scream or move.

I saw an arm come from the mirror, then a leg. Next came the body of the thing, then the other arm and leg, and finally the head. It was small, only about two and a half feet tall; the size of a small child. It seemed to be made of burlap, with the kind of china that is used to make dolls covering its face. In the china were holes cut over the eyes and mouth. Coming from the eyeholes were button eyes, with something shining under them, though I couldn’t tell what. Under the mouth hole in the china were two small red lips, sewn shut. The thing’s hair, which hung lifelessly at its side, was made of yarn.

The most disturbing thing about this strange creature was that there were sewing needles poked into it all over, even into its fingertips. It looked almost like it had tried that weird trick where you stick a needle through the first layer of skin on your fingertip without feeling any pain, but something had gone wrong. Its thread, needles, buttons, and yarn were all dripping with what I wished was water.

As it came toward me, I regretted keeping my room in a state of complete chaos. I was able to dodge around a few items, but I stopped when I heard a strange noise. I turned around and looked at the rag doll-like creature. It held a burlap bag in its hand, and when it reached me, it dropped the bag, spilling the contents onto the floor. I screamed when I saw that the bag contained yarn, black thread, a china mask, two buttons, and a single sewing needle.

I won’t go into too much detail about what the rag doll did to me, because you probably already know. I will say that the pain of the button being sewn into my eye was the worst thing I had ever experienced. Eventually, the rag doll grew bored of my screaming and moved its needle to my mouth. The rag doll must have liked my hair, because after it cut my hair off and covered my head in the china mask, it looked at my hair and chose the same color yarn to sew into my scalp. By the time the rag doll was done, I was covered in burlap, china, yarn, and sewing needles. I had become a rag doll. It then dragged me through what felt like a curtain of water, and I remembered nothing else for several days.

I’ll end my story here, because now it’s getting late, and it’s about time you should be in bed. Hurry now, my bag is getting too heavy for me to carry, and I’m growing bored with tapping on your mirror. Good night!

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ImNotOkay,IPromise said...
Jul. 15, 2013 at 3:48 pm
who needs sleep anyway?????
dragonsandthree said...
May 15, 2013 at 7:11 pm
This is abouslutely brilliant! I loved it!
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