A Reflection

July 27, 2008
The room has an aura of light-heartedness with a bright bedspread decorated with colorful flowers and identically patterned curtains shading the windows. The walls seem to illuminate the room with their vibrant blue color. All of the objects sitting throughout the room present the owner as an admired person by all who know her. There are pictures and letters from friends and family bordering the room, each one calling out its story. The welcome home sign above the bed signifies the owner’s return from a trip where many friends were acquired.

The girl who possesses this room is Mia. The trophies decorating Mia’s room illustrate years of participation in sports such as soccer and basketball. There are ice skates occupying the room, overflowing with brightness and cheerfulness. The bright and cheerful ice skates are calling the bright and cheerful Mia to the ice.

There is a fragile, dark colored book resting upon the small nightstand. The book is focused upon by the old lamp that Mia loves dearly, as it has survived through many years of her life. The small book is a book of poetry that attracts the warm hands of Mia in the morning on her way out to school. The poetry book has corners that are discolored and binding that is deteriorating from years of use by the poetic Mia who, each day, looks forward to reading the aged book.

Mia’s room always seems to be congested with friends who are skimming her teenage magazines or watching television. Mia loves to go out into the bustling streets with friends to seek out some place fun. No matter where Mia and her friends go, she always has one of her many purses with her to match her attire. The prized purses dangle from a doorknob on one of Mia’s closets. The closets hold the possessions that are not worthy of display throughout the room of a character such as Mia. By the looks of her room, Mia seems to be outgoing and friendly, but does her precious room really reflect her character?

As she opens the door one might expect to see the faultless individual that has been created by her room. However, instead of the fictional character who seemingly occupies this room, reality violently enters. The true Mia is deteriorating like the binding of her poetry book into an insolent teenager. The true Mia is a repulsive character who repels any attempt one might make to get to know her. The aura of happiness and light-heartedness that once frosted the room suddenly evaporates into an abyss.

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