The Child in the Sky

August 28, 2012
By , Northridge, CA
There was once a small child born to coddling parents, the gods of the House in the Sky. From infancy, the child imagined great things, and wherever he imagined them to be, they appeared. Before the child came into existence, the universe was not contained. Once yearly, the child’s parents would leave him alone in their home on the Sky Planet to attend a meeting with other gods of the universe. Each time his parents left, the child barely understood that he was alone and for all his knowledge, was quite content to be so. Three years to the day after his birth to the gods of the House in the Sky, the child’s parents were sent for by the king of the gods, Nagi Tanka to address the plague that was threatening to overpower his planet. On this day, the child realized that he had been left behind and grew very angry at the absence of his mother and father. Because of this consuming anger, the child devised a plan with which to destroy the king’s home as he had destroyed the child’s symbolically.
Now being a three year old child, the child in the sky was incapable of great thought and invention, so he drew a picture in his mind of what he imagined could kill a king; a white jagged spear was the best the child could do. And so, the child threw the spear toward the Nagi Tanka’s planet. All the many gods gathered in the House of the Yellow Sand saw the knife approaching the planet, but none could escape its wrath or even comprehend the magnitude of what was coming towards them.
And so the lightning bolt came to be, and from it came all weather of worlds.
Little time later, the white spear collided with the Sand Planet, causing it to explode and send masses of rock and sand and sediment soaring through space. The connective force of space collected these pieces of the Sand Planet into small balls, building on them as the years passed. These pieces of the Sand Planet formed the other planets of the sky: planets that were later named by inhabitants of the Sky Planet. Though these planets were made of substances capable of supporting gods, they were not capable of housing real life.
And so the universe came to be, and from it came all worlds.
The single planet that seemed to have any speck of life left in it was the one that had been destroyed, for it burned brighter every day with the fire that had killed it. Though the fire consumed it, the planet fought against it, pushing the flames further and further from itself towards the planets around it. Fittingly, the one planet that remained unaffected by the blast was the Sky Planet, the cloud child’s home, where he spent his many days mourning the loss of his family and friends that had died in the blast. After the cloud child’s sins had been mourned for hundreds of thousands of years, the Sand Planet burned hot enough to generate and sustain life on his planet.
And so the sun came to be, and from it came life for one world.
Man and Woman and Animal were spurred into life by the Planet of the Yellow Sand, but were later scorched by its increasing heat; finally, the heat grew so to a point where the Sky Planet became uninhabitable. To save itself, the Sky Planet ran away from the sun, but as punishment, the other planets chased after him endlessly, forcing him into orbit, which consequently saved the life that had been created.
And so the planets aligned, and from this, life was sustained in the world.

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