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Could it be?

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Time passed on, but she didn’t take a second to notice. She just sat on the aged wooden bench marked by many before her time, playing with her silver key. She looked ahead into the dark blurred water swaying with the breeze, but she saw nothing. Her thoughts fogged her sight and for some reason all she could see was that day, that one moment that changed everything. Inside she screamed and cried as loud as she could, caging in her true emotions. On the outside her mouth never budged. Her lips were sown together. She just sat there completely unaware of the world around her. The busy streets of New York City buzzed and hustled behind her. The smell of isolation swiveled around her head. All around she was surrounded by people of all kinds yet she was completely and utterly alone and neglected. Her dirty blonde hair danced with the crisp winter wind. Her dull gray trench coat highlighted her small waist and her dark blue skinny jeans were half covered by her black leather boots. She was quite warm, yet she felt as cold as ice. Her nose turned to a light shade of pink. Small drips of tears crept down her cheek and dried by the wind. She had no one.

Suddenly chirps and tweets popped up along the horizon. For that one minute her eyes locked on those birds as if everything else in the world just didn’t matter. Her hands froze clutching the key. The beauty of those birds flying high and gliding blissfully across the cloudy morning sky was all that was happening. There in that moment her past was locked away from view and all she could see was what was ahead. The chocolate brown wings of the birds with milky highlights pierced the air and let free. She was filled with envy. They made it look so easy. She tried so hard for years to let loose and glide like those birds, but it was as if her wings were fractured and broken down. As if the air was solid as a rock, impossible to break through. Surely one day she would go on. She would burn those thoughts to ashes.

She glared at those birds in amusement, watching them fly over her head and beyond. They were free with nothing to weigh them down. As they passed, the ends of her lips rose up and for the first time in years a smile crossed her face. Slowly she stood up and shifted her view to the key in her hand. She turned around to face the old bench with multi layers of chipped dull brown paint. Then, she kneeled down and started scratching hard on the old rotten bench. After a minute or so she stopped and straightened up putting her key in her coat. She turned to her left, with a smile stuck on her face she walked away leaving soft footprints in the snow.“Set Free” was now inscribed into that bench adding its mark along with many others. She let go with no hope to ever come back and revisit her past. She was no longer caged in she was set free.

With a loud buzzing sound she jerked her eyes open and slammed her hand on the “off” button. For a second she stayed in her bed drying to put together what she had just dreamt of. It felt so real. The smell, the bitter cold that froze her nose, the view the feeling of the key in her hand. It was hard to believe it was all a dream. She let out a deep breath thankful and full of joy. “It was just a dream” she said under her breath and got up to get ready for the day ahead. Right before locking her door and going to her car she took a quick look down at the silver key in her hand. Right before looking away she caught a glimpse of brown paint at the tip of the key. Could it be?

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