Darkness Lies in the Hidden Places

May 18, 2008
By Jasmine Jimenez, Barrington, IL

Have you ever been told about the hidden places under the sea? There is one very near here. It is a room filled with darkness and moist, hot air. The souls that fill the space have been down there, since the last birth quake. They fill it so tightly that they barely have room to breath. Their bodies are pressed together so strongly that have no sense of which one is theirs. They often times transform into the person next to them. The sweat that the falls from their bodies to the ground makes small pools from which rodents drink. The population of these hidden places consists solely of prostitutes, addicts, and beggars. They survive by licking the crumbs off from one another’s heads. All day they sit and manifest in their hate, as do the flies that spring from their feces.
You are probably wondering how such places came into being. Like all things the people built them one by one, until they were done. Today, we still carry on the rituals that called for their existence. They came to be because of the desire to carry out darkness while at the same time conceal it. This is a difficult task given the nature of darkness, which lies in all hidden places. Politicians, lawyers, celebrities, and heroes were given a mission to complete this task by the evil one. They were the best people for the job because they most strongly desired the benefits that came from such a task. The politicians and lawyers needed to conceal the darkness that sprang from their crooked dealings. The celebrities and heroes needed to prevent the world from knowing their dark secret, which was that they created their own false sense of glory. They were merely pawns; their leader was the evil one who directed all of their motives and actions under their delusion. His ultimate goal was to obtain pure unsanctified power. The evil one was the birth place of darkness. He summoned up the politicians, lawyers, celebrities, and heroes through a letter. In the letter he promised them a place of concealment in which they could keep their darkness. However, in return they would have to help the evil one fight for his power over the army of light. The leader of this army was known as the good one, and he tried to educate the people about the ways of the evil one, and the way they could escape the evil one’s grasp.
The good one told the people they could only escape the evil one by leaving the earth and fleeing to heaven because the evil one ruled over the things of the earth. The people did not know how to get to heaven, so the good one showed them the way. He told them they had to remove all the attachments that weighted them down to earth because the only way to get to heaven was to float there. The people had a hard time believing that the reason they were stuck on earth was because they latched themselves to it. He was patient with the people and told them many truths. The people had a sense of the truths that he spoke of, but didn’t have enough faith to practice them. Unfortunately, their latches to the earth could only be broken if they had faith in the good one to release them.
For generations latches have been formed on the people to the earth. The most commonly formed latches have been those of roles, patriotism, and earthly pleasures. For example, many people were left on earth because they could not remove themselves from their alcoholic spouses or abusive relatives. There were also corrupt nations that would kill thousands under the name of God and democracy; such acts formed the strongest latches of patriotism. People identified themselves to their country to the point that they started to believe that they were one with their land. Consequently, people stopped using their spiritual names and replaced them with the name from the plot of land they had come from. For instance, people would introduce themselves by saying, “Hi, I am American.” People often times believed that the invisible lines that were built many ages ago were real and of great importance. Thousands died trying to extend the lines and many more died trying to cross them. The poor souls that glorified the invisible lines ignored the good one’s warning when he told them that evil one created the lines and that only bad things could spring from them, hence the birth place of patriotism. The original lands had no name and were broken up into six great masses. The six great masses represented the six days of work that it took to complete them. The sea surrounding them represented the seventh day of rest.
There are still souls today that don’t know how to tell which fruits belong to which creator. In the lands of the shadows there are those who don’t care to know the difference. I will tell you and make you wise. All things made by the good one manifests themselves into real things, such as the substance of the six masses of land and the beautiful seas that surround them. The evil one bears rotten fruit, which can only be picked under a state of delusion. If the delusion is lifted one realizes they are left with nothing to sooth their aching stomach. The wisest of souls knows the source of the ache, which are the poisons of the rotten fruit. The invisible lines are a rotten fruit of the evil one, which is shown by how they motivate people to give their soul for something that doesn’t exist.
The strongest of the three latches is that of earthly pleasures. The evil one uses it more than the others because it is the most effective weapon against the good one. It is because of this that the politicians, lawyers, celebrities, and heroes were summoned. The evil one needed these pawns to motivate the people to follow his ways, so that he could defeat the aims of the good one. This would be accomplished by getting people to believe that the greatest place to be was earth. Many people believed this false message and started to fall in love with the things of the world. They would spend their lives trying to consume themselves in it. Then when their time came they would bury themselves in the earth to be with it forever. The evil one enjoyed watching the people do this because he was entertained by all of their wastefulness. For example, people would bury healthy organs, which could be used to save many lives. Also, the people would use the finest stones to put as their grave markers, which could be used to build homes. The thing that was wasted most was the land it took to burry a person. There was a time when people would burry their bodies and allow the roses and trees to spring forth from their bodies. Over time people desired a stronger presence in the land that would keep their name known forever. Ever since this time people have bought the pieces of land in which they burry themselves, so that not even a horse can not trout on it without the owner’s permission. The evil one knew that such earthy desires would lead to an eventual downfall of the people with no chance of survival.
The pivotal point came during the duration of the birth quake in which the population raised from six billion to twelve billion in a span of 100 years. Within that time the cemeteries began to run out of room. This caused a great panic because there was still an overwhelming desire to remain with the earth forever. The evil one with the help of the politicians, lawyers, celebrities, and heroes administered his solution to the problem to the people. The solution consisted of removing a grand part of the population off of the earth, so that there would be room for more graves. The politicians, lawyers, celebrities, and heroes suggested that the prostitutes, addicts, and beggars should be the first to go. Within a few passings of the moon the people strongly believed that those they spat on and rapped were the waste of society. Once this occurred they started building hundreds of metal boxes to put the people in, which would eventually be placed under the sea. The boxes were built air tight with just a single air tube located barely above the sea’s surface, but it was mainly used for dumping garbage. After seeing the result of what the politicians, lawyers, celebrities, and heroes did the evil one was pleased, so he gave them the biggest and most celebrated graves in which they could hide their darkness forever. The evil one was happy because he got the people to believe that his rotten fruits of wastefulness and poverty were not of him or his ways, but rather that they had appeared on their own accord; similar to that of the appearance of the invisible lines so many ages ago.

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