May 14, 2008
By Caitlin Williams, Maud, TX

Lily took the book from its position on the shelf. Grasping its edges, she blew swiftly across its frame, uncovering the elegant gold writing. "Cursed", lily whispered, reading the books title. She carefully slid her hand between the dust filled pages, reading through their content. Her eyes lingered on the page titled “The Living Curse", her lips silently spoke the words as she read...

“Some say that the curse is death. Though some say the curse means nothing; they say it’s more of a myth than reality. Than there are some that say the curse is a blessing. The prophecy states that the person that holds the curse can nether give life or take it away from others. It says that the person can have no good fortune and has no sole known to man. I however say differently. I got the curse years ago and in some way I would say that I was blessed. The curse saved my life, but it is the reason I am dead now. For heaven is the most wonderful of places and death is just another story in life......”

Lily continued read, letting the words flow through her mind. Her hand slipped, sliding across the books sharp pages and cutting one of her delicate fingers, suddenly her mind went all fuzzy. Her stomach curled up in a knot and her whole body collapsed to the floor. Images flashed through her mind, mixing with feelings of fear and hatred, her body went ridged again. She was kneeling by a pond of black glass, although her reflection wasn’t her own. She saw her childhood memories displayed, as if in a dream, across its surface. On display was, not only her memories, but her feelings to. Her love for Jake, her boyfriend, and the sadness she felt after the death of her mother. Her anger at herself, for never showing her younger sister the love that she deserves. All the elements mixed in a rainbow of colors. Lily dipped her hand into the pond, feeling a tingling sensation trickle up her arm. She recoiled in shock as a hand griped her wrist pulling her into the swirling black abyss. It was over almost as soon as it began. She was back in the library, her temples ached and her cut bleed fresh red liquid all over her white linen dress. She stood up slowly, regaining her balance, and then went to pick the book up off the floor. As her fingers touched the book she discovered black lines tracing up the flesh of her arms. She searched her mind remembering the words from the book, wondering if she to was now......cursed.

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