The Write Way

January 31, 2008
By Natasha Abellard, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Journal,
You know someone really offended me today. This person had the audacity to tell me that writing, YES WRITING, was not an art. How disrespectful? To tell me that the ability to tell stories and create characters was not an art! To tell me that the masterminds behind some of the greatest movies and television shows are not artist! The ironic part is that this person happens to be an aspiring actress. But yet, she doesn’t appreciate the fact the people that provide her with her scripts and lines are indeed writers. Did she think they just popped up out of thin air? How dare she? To be able to cultivate and story and tell it to the whole world isn’t just a hobby, it’s an occupation and a way of life for many.
Oh yeah, so Harper Lee isn’t an artist huh? She just woke up one day and decided she’d kill a mockingbird. Oh yeah, so William Shakespeare isn’t an artist huh? He just woke up one day and said I’d like a Juliet? And let’s not forget Jane Austen! I’m sure she would never allow pride or prejudice to get in her way.
This girl has finally met her match. Oh she has pulled the last straw. She has finally made me so angry that I could find no other way to vent. So I pulled out my journal and grabbed my pen and began writing away. Who cares what she thinks? I wonder how well she can express her feelings on paper. Not as good as me anyway! I would say I’m over reacting but that is so not the case, what she said was totally unnecessary and the fact that she is an actress makes it much worse. Oh no, she’ll get what’s coming to her. An actress who thinks writing isn’t an art. Wow, I don’t even know what to say for her anymore. All I know is that she will learn her lesson. Not the hard way, but the write way!

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