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Ki$$ of Death

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G.M. Reaper sat on her desk,looking around Limbo. One arrow pointed to Hell, the other to Heaven. She laughed as a lost soul came stumbling in,
"A,am I in H,hell?" The guy asked, scared. She smiled,
"No, your in Limbo. The place where lost souls go to be placed in eather Hell or Heaven..." The guy looked oddly familar,
"Are you saved,sir?" He nodded,
"I'm Pastor Luke Donns, of Freewill,NV." She pointed to the left,
"Then, my good sir, you'll be on the stairs to heaven. Good Luck!" The man smiled and walked slowly up the stairs. She laid back down and thought about her current boyfreind, Lucifer...
"HEY REAPER!" A voice called out. She fell off the wooden desk and unto the floor without grace. He laughed,

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