What a Surprising Day

January 24, 2008
By Samantha Gardner, Salem, NH

We are always saying nothing exciting ever happens in this town, but that night proved us wrong. My boyfriend and I had decided to take a walk down to a secluded island no more than fifteen minutes from his house. Not to many people go there, especially this late in the day. The sun was setting and the sky was illuminated with pinks and purples, a sure sign that night was about to take over. By the time we arrived at the island everything was black, and stars crowded the night sky.

As we continued our walk, our hands gently found each others and the calmness of the night brought us closer together. It was a good start for a romantic walk to try and find the spark in our relationship that's been missing for some time. The walk would take at least an hour, and I hoped we could make it through without a fight.

We came upon a bench and he pulled me over to it, taking a seat. As we sat watching the stars we began to talk about our relationship. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, but before I could turn to return the kiss, something caught my eye. We both gazed into the sky and watched a shooting star falling from the sky. It was moving quite slow for a shooting star, and it seemed to leave a trail behind it. As fast as it appeared it disappeared. It flashed a few more times and seemed to fizzle out. We ignored it, calling it a shooting star and continued our walk. I kept an eye on the sky though, hoping it would spark up again.

Soon it lit up again, this time much closer and much brighter. The middle was changing colors constantly. Red to orange, yellow to blue, then white again. What is it? I shrieked. My boyfriend joked with me, claiming it was aliens. I thought back to all of the alien movies I'd seen and was sure it was the end of the world.
It was slowly becoming larger and brighter, smoke billowing all the time. It had become clear to us it was headed for earth and it wouldn't be long before it hit. It seemed to be heading right for us! I watched it fall in amazement. Maybe its a bird, or even a plane? I joked, trying to hide my concern. Within the next minute it hit the earth's surface with large cloud of black and white smoke, but no explosion.

We should go look at it, my boyfriend suggested. I was hesitant but he took my hand and we moved closer as the smoke began to quiet down. The sound of the crash was beginning to fizzle, a sharp hiss sound was now dwindling down to a soft hum. Come on hun, let's go check it out! He tightened his grasp on my hand and pulled me closer to the object. I stayed close behind him, still pretty nervous. What we found in a heap of crushed and bent metal was a large black triangular shaped object, about fourteen feet across. I looked into it and saw my reflection, surprised at how polished and clean it was after the crash. It slowly began to open upwards. I took a step back, what do we do? I asked, nervously.

A gloved hand curled around the edge of the object and my boyfriend put his arm around me for a little comfort. I could tell he was nervous too. My heart was racing and I could feel a lump beginning to form in my throat. An entire body lifted itself from the craft we began to move backwards, getting ready to run. I could hear what sounded like a helicopter but I wasn't sure. I wasn't even sure I was awake at this point. Before we could run we were surrounded by men with guns in black outfits. By now I was hysterical, shaking, and miserable. A helicopter landed just left of the craft, and two other men jumped out. We are with the US Army, come with us please.

We were shoved into the back of a black official looking car, and debriefed. It turns out the black triangle object was a test stealth bomber that had crashed, and we just happened to be there. No one knew they tested planes in this area and we were to keep it that way. We were sworn to secrecy. They took our names, and searched for all of our information. They knew where we lived, who was a part of our family, how old we were, and told us they'd be keeping tabs on us. I knew it all along! My boyfriend said as I rolled my eyes. It all happened so quickly. It seemed like less than ten minutes had gone by from the time of the crash to the time we were then dropped off at our houses. Finally, something interesting in this sorry town.

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