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The Path

The light was dim, and the distance vast. Anyone could see this. There seemed to be a wide gap from where he was sitting to the other side, if there actually was one. Even though he had come to exist only moments before he knew that he could not stay where he was forever.
Timidly, the boy scouted to the edge which he already knew to be safe. The journey went on for miles. He was about to despair when he passed a piece of ground that looked back up at him. To his surprise he could see his own reflection – what he knew to be his own reflection – in the void. He ran his fingers over the surface, it was smooth and cold and solid. Little glimmers of mysterious colored light came from just underneath.
All these new sensations delighted him, and in his innocence he decided that surely this was a good place to start his journey to the other side. A strange hunger filled him as he took his first steps along that road, and every step made that feeling grow stronger. No longer did he just want to follow the trail, he felt he had to.
It took him along many twists and turns, but the boy was not watching where he was going, his eyes were fixed on his reflection and the lights beneath it. Soon, he found that he was not walking anymore, but running at an incredible speed. He did not see what was coming so quickly towards him.
The reflection disappeared, so did the lights and even the path itself; all was swallowed up. The boy almost fell into their consumer, but the rush of scalding air that came from that fiery abyss stopped him short, his heart was now trembling with fear.
He fell backward, and scrambled on all fours to get away from the edge, and back to a safe place. First he looked down to the path that had mesmerized him, and the lights were returning. For a moment they almost took him again, but the realization that it was that path that had nearly hurled him to certain death kept him from following it again.
*Authors note; I’m sad to inform you that many other people lost their lives to that lack of wisdom.*
The boy stood up and slowly walked back to where he had come from.
For hours he sat, not knowing what he was to do. He was already tired from traveling so much, and incredibly thirsty. There was no water to be seen. This place was safe, he reasoned, why did he have to leave it? Surely it would be better to die there in peace than risk it all by walking across land he couldn’t even see!

“No,” said a voice, “it would not be better. The way is right before you, after all.”
The voice was right beside him, it was quiet but strong, but the speaker was nowhere in sight, and just as it spoke of the way, a light appeared. The light was far ahead of the boy, it lit a straight but very narrow path ahead of him.
Was this a trap? Why didn’t the speaker show himself? Was that him, at the end of the bridge?
“Come.” The voice commanded him in a gentle manner. No doubt the person responsible was at the other side. The boy saw him motion at him, in way that beckoned him forward. Inside the boy, something told him that this person was able to be trusted. The other path had been found in darkness, and by the boy’s own understanding, but this one was far from that. This path was shown to him by one who had made it to the other side, and who was now flooding that passage with light.
With much doubt, the boy tested the bridge. It was obviously a bridge because on either side there was absolutely nothing. No fires, no spikes, no ground, just darkness. The boy shuddered at the thought of what would have happened if he had tried to cross the gap without the man showing him the way. To tell the truth, this scared the boy terribly, because instead of things he could see there were only their sounds. He acquired the uneasy feeling that there were creatures down in the black, slithering and vile images came to mind.
“Don’t pay attention to them!” the stranger said, “They can’t reach you! Focus on your goal!”
These words rang true, and the boy obeyed them. He tore his eyes and ears away from the edges and found that his fear was dissipating. Just as soon as he had done this, he found himself only a few feet from the other side, as if he had flown there. He crossed the last part of the bridge and was welcomed by the stranger, who bent down on one knee and looked into the boy’s eyes.
“Welcome home, Joel.”
“Father!” was all Joel said. The Father and son embraced and began their life in eternity.

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