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In Love With A Heartless Thing

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A sun shine like smile sperad over my face the first time I saw you. I was delighted that after spending 30,000 thousand rupees, you were mine. Completely mine. At once I fell in love with you. And the best thing was that you'll only do what I'll want you to do.

You were very good looking. Your color was all black, with silver logo of your manufacturer on top. You had a criss-cross texture all over you.

"Awesome" I thought staring you. "You'll be one of my best friends"

Your dealer started explaining me about you and telling me about your qualities as he placed you gently on a table. After he was gone, I stood up and walked to you. I picked you gently in my arms and took you in my room and closed the door. Now it was just you and me, alone.

I placed you on the soft matress of my bed. I dreamly gazed you thinking about our upcoming relationship. You wont be my bf, but my cf!

I softly felt your surface with my fingers. It felt amazing. My hand slid on your edge and I gently opened your lid. I was awestruck at your fineness. You were so beautifully designed. Again black all over, and with such nice keys and a touchpad mouse surrounded by the beautiful criss-cross texture. And your perfect face of perfect length and width was a LCD screen. On the of your face, a small round structure,your eye, was there. A deep, black eye with a tiny black pupil. Next to your eye was written - '2MP Webcam'.

"You look so good" I thought.

Then I decided to start you. I pressed that round silver button located above your keyboard, surrounded by the built-in speakers.

No sooner I pressed the button, your system got loaded. You had Windows XP and Windows 7.

"Amazing! Such a fast booting!" I chuckled.

Then the OS loaded and I first chose to start with Windows 7.

As the system loaded, I fell head-over heels for you. Then came the welcome screen. What a nice blue face of you, welcoming me with such adoreness.

I logged on to your windows, there appeared the desktop screen. Such a beautiful wallpaper. The pale blue taskbar. Several icons of programes and applications on your desktop. Perfect. You're just Perfect.

I pressed your keys very gently and carefully to make sure that I dont hurt you.

First I wandered in your system. Wow, how many organs you in your body and such a large memory! Great! 10 organs, which they call as drives; including your four hearts (H for Hearts & H for Hard disks), and other organs. Wow, you had so much love (computer memory) to give me!!! I love you so much.

Then I checked your applications. There were so many things, all that I needed, but I was a bit shocked to see that you didn't had photoshop! Nevermind, I'll install it in you. But your system was perfect. The saying -'No one is perfect' might be true for humans but not for things like you.

I opened the application of your eye, took some pics of myself and saved them in one of your hearts.

Suddenly, a notification appeared on the taskbar that you were hungry. You needed to be feeded, so I took your feeding wire and plugged one end of it to your food and another end to you. As I was also hungry and had to go and get some food, as I cant eat what you eat. I pressed Shut Down. You became sad and you wrote on your face - "Are you sure you want to shut down?" And there were 2 options-yes or no.

I thought that I would be back in a while so I better put you to sleep. I pressed the 'no' button so you didn't shut down. I pressed the Sleep option and again you asked - "Are you sure you want to sleep?" The question was a little awkward, but I knew you didn't meant that 'sleep'. So I pressed 'yes'.

A perfect relationship! ;)


As days passed, you became a part of my life, you were always with me. People envied me because I had you by my side. You did whatever I wanted. I never let anyone to be with you. I installed many programmes in you. I protected you with passwords. I also provided you with Antivirus and Fire wall. I cleaned you daily.

But sadly, you didn't behaved nicely. Your love for me started decreasing. You started having fights. Yes fights, which they call as errors. You started ignoring me, you didn't respond to anything. Your disks became fragmented and they wont defragment. Your applications became unaccesable. Your files became corrupt. Everytime I came to you, you froze and crashed. You would shut down unexpectedly. You even never go to sleep. Its was unbelievably terrible. It was one of my most feared nightmares.

I trusted you so much that I wrote my digital diary only in you. What I didn't used to do with you? You were so important and so precious to me. I used you to write, to read, to create, to listen music, to watch movies and for my facebook, for my gmail, for my wattpad, for twitter, for teenink, but you? Oh you never cared about me.

Today is your first birthday and also this day is going to be your funeral. Your life was only for a year, and our love; not our love but my love and the relationship...its over...forever!

Three days back, you got infected by virus. Even the antivirus didn't work as it was disabled by the virus. The firewall in you tried to stop virus but failed. The virus copied itself in system and spread folder to folder, file to file, just as melted butter spreads on toast. You kept deleting my files to get rid of virus. It was not long until everything in you got deleted. My applications, photos, videos, songs, movies, and the stuff which I write for school and even my diary! When I tried to remove the virus, you only froze and didn't respond. After that you crashed down.

I tried to restart you, But you shut down even without asking me - "Are you sure you want to shut down?".

You shut down and you wouldn't start. I called the technician to treat you. He came, checked you and said '"Its hopeless. Your laptop will never start again". In 2 days several other technicians came, said the same thing, and went.

"You were dead. You broke my heart and died!!! No! You cant die! You cant leave me alone like this. You just cant!" I scremed at you. But you wont listen because you're dead.

I kept crying on your birthday, as I lost you forever. You lay beside me all day. At the end of the day I again felt your surface with my fingers. It still felt amazing. My hand slid on your edge and I gently opened your lid once again. You still looked awesome black beauty. For the last time I pressed the power button, your face just flashed pale white for a second and then you went blank and off. Never to be started again...I just lost you forever. You just broke my heart and went away.

Now a dead you were lying beside me. Now you were nothing but a black, flat, empty, useless box. I decided not to waste my tears over you, a heartless thing. So I wiped my tears, took you up to the terrace of my house, closed my eyes and said - "May you rest in peace" and dropped you down from there. You broke in to pieces as like the way you broke my heart.

Next day, the garbage collectors came and picked the broken pieces of you, dumped then in garbage truck and left.

As for me, I missed you a lot for a while, but then the memories of you, my ex laptop, got deleted over time from my heart.

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Regia said...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:01 am
Haha, I don't know if this was meant to be a humorous piece, but I certainly found it to be! :) I enjoyed this. Sure, there were spelling/punctuation/grammar errors, but other than that, it was a funny, good plot. Very convincingly written, too.
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