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My mother often told me that I just seem to be happy in my own world and that I don’t bother about anyone or any body else’s world. I don’t know how much I agree with that but I do know that my world is beautiful. Sometimes I am not even aware of it unless something magical happens and I am reminded again. Like today.

I sat by my window looking at everything sway. It was a beautiful day by definition. A day where one would wish for time to stop. The sun was shining positively in its own happiness. I decided to read. The thick pages were enticing and my attention, heartbeat and mind were entangled with the evenly spaced letters. They invited me to another world. The only world I was willing to enter, the captivating and the most perfect one. It was perfect in all its melancholic beauty and its freedom of structure. In every which way it was engrossing. Time passed by, I strained my eyes. I strained my eyes to search for more meaning.

Gradually as the pages were flipped, the sunny light kept receding. I didn’t notice it at first but the more pages I turned, more of the evening sky acted with its clouds. The shadows fell on every page of the book. As hours moved forward, the shadows grew. Slowly the black print of the words merged with the shadows around it.

My world was alive. It was then that I realized - The sun had set. I didn’t even get a glimpse of the sky.

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