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The moon shone on a cloudless night; howls filled the air, welcoming a legend. Something they had never experienced: half-wolf, half-human.
As she came into the world, the wolves gaped. She was unlike anything they'd ever seen. Pitch black ears were atop her her head and she had a black tail with a grey tip. Like any pup, she was small and had small wolf-like teeth. Unlike any pup, she had jet black human hair that was almost as long as her body. She also had flesh with no fur. Her eyes were open and instead of blue, they were a piercing green-gold.Her breath came out in little wisps, her chest heaving.
Her mother,StarEye, the female Alpha, looked over her pack. "This pup," she declared, "is one of us. She is my daughter and will be treated as so. She will grow with the wolves, she will be raised by the wolves. And so her name will be BlackStar, for she is special among many.

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JuneTaz said...
Nov. 26, 2011 at 11:35 am
You + writing + wolves = Perfection! Luv the detail! I'm totally up for a novel based on this. Although if BlackStar is REALLY special, maybe her mother could have a more common name then StarEye, like maybe Lightning. That way, she stands out even more among the common wolves.
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