Familiar Poison

August 27, 2011
By WriterChic GOLD, South Berwick, Maine
WriterChic GOLD, South Berwick, Maine
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I open my eyes to farewell, closing my heart to what we had, what we were. I loved you, I truly ha. But now I can see, the deadly diversion glaring back at me in your eyes.
Your passionate cries of rage
Animal moans of need
Hungry hands gropping at my being, flesh, mind, heart, until I'm crying of rage for you and myself. Denying I'm worth the light hovering over me. Finall, as I'm too weak to combat, the demon that is my mind decends on my poorly weakened heart. Clawing, darkness oozing, a rock solid shadow of what I used to be.
Just as the claws dripping poison connect to my flesh, just as the searing pain ignites my heart, I cry out for that light.
Begging, pleading, craving, needing all that it would hold for me. At first, not a single thing is changed, I feel the fire begin to coarse through my lungs; but then...
The demon is thrown away from me, consumed by flame as pure as the sun. Cleaned before my very eyes to return me to myself.
The glorious being whom I now call Savior stands before my shivering, shaking body.
His glorious, olive toned skin flowing seamlessly over a perfect frame of bone and muscle, covered in a simple long sleeved, ankle length robe. What startled me most was not His beauty, but the cuts and slashes, running with blood and caked with mud along his face. He held out His arms, almost as if to embrace me, but all I can see are the gaping wounds ravaging His hands, the same on His feet, also caked with mud, dusted with dirt.
I feel fear, anger, sadness, agression, so many things bubble up inside me, I'm shaking, trembling, my breath coming in shallow, uneven gasps.
"Be calm, my child."
oh, and those words, as few as they may have been, sounded and resonated deep within my soul, delivering complete peace. I don't know how, but when I opened my eyes I was looking up at Him from my knees.
"Why, why would you help me?"
I asked, my voice, surprisingly, coming out stronger than I felt. He smiled, the comforting, familiar smile of a father and friend.
"You asked, that's all you have ever needed to do. To ask and receive, my Father is not a God moved by neither pity nor need, but true faith. That's what you hold in your heart."
I continued to stare up in awe at this glorious being as he touched a warm hand to the top of my head. I felt myself becoming strong, my weak body resurected into a new being. Absolute adoration consumed my mind for a moment, until I looked down at my hands resting in my lap. Swirling scars of the demon's caress twisted intricately around my hands and wrists, remnants of what I had become. When twisted thoughts would cloud my mind, cries of rage would burst my ears, but no, no longer shall those thoughts consume my mind, I am now redeemed.

The author's comments:
This is the Prolouge to a story I"m working on, thoughts? opinions? feedback?

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