Destiny: Part 2: Malena's Revenge

July 29, 2011
She is gone. He has nobody that loves him now. Nobody who cares. She can’t rest. Not until people know the truth. Her spirit wanders. She thinks up ways to get revenge. She finds where he dumped his clothes. His clothes soaked in her blood. She just needs the police to find it now. Find it and send him to prison.
She leaves a slip a slip of paper on each and every police officers’ desk.
`You’re looking for my murderer!’ she wrote.
`But he evades you!
`He put the bloody clothes in a dumpster!
`This is your one clue!
`My murderer put the bloody garments away!
`Away in a dumpster!
`Go there in a day!
`Do tests and you will know the killer!
`I loved him!
`He killed me!
`Go to the dumpster behind Burchim!
`And you will see!

`~Malena Carson’

The cops followed her instructions. They found his clothes. Tests were done. His prints and DNA from sweat were found. He was sentenced to life in prison.
They took him to prison. He went to Solitary Confinement right away. Alone, he began thinking of his childhood. Memories brought on by nostalgia. Only he wasn’t lonely or afraid now. He comforted himself with good memories of her. The only one who ever cared.
She watched the case unfold. She oversaw the analysis of the clothes. She sat in the courtroom when he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. She rode with him to the prison. All with a gleeful smile on her healed and perfect lips. Her untainted and unblemished skin radiating with revenge.
Now, she sits with him in Solitary Confinement. Admiring her handy work. Admiring the destruction she crafted.
`You could have avoided this, Robert!’ she whispers, though he can’t hear.
`You should have loved me!
`I told them where to find your jeans and shirt!
`Now I’m free!
`You can’t hurt me!
`I won’t love you!
`Now I can see!
`See that what they said is true!
`You’re a monster!
`A murderer!
`But now you have what you deserve!
`Goodbye, Robert!
`Goodbye forever!’
She left him there. Alone and sad. A realization came.
`I do love you!’ He cried.
`I do love you, Malena!
`But I never knew!
`I love you so much!
`I made some big mistakes!
`I shouldn’t have hurt you ever!
`I shouldn’t have killed you!
`But what was I to do?!
`I didn’t know better!
`And now you’re gone!
`I treated you like a pawn!
`I’m so sorry!
`I love you, Malena!’
His will to live diminished rapidly. He wanted to die. To leave the place that reminded him of her. One day, he stole a rope. He tied it around a rafter and hung himself. Freed himself as he’d freed her. On his wall, words were scrawled.
`I ruined her!’ he’d scrawled.
`I turned her untainted pale skin purple shades!
`I turned the purple red with blood!
`Her memory now fades!
`I’d give anything to see her again!
`Just one look!
`If I leave this world, I might!
`But I’d go somewhere else according to the good book!
`Just one sight!
`I love her!
`Despite how I hurt her!
`I’m sorry!
`I’m so sorry, Malena!
`Forgive me!
`Just forgive me, Malena!’
Nobody cared to give him a funeral. Nobody wrote him an obituary. But it would have said:

Robert Greylawny beat the only one who

cared about him. Beat her to death. So

she had him arrested. His final days were

the only days he knew he loved her. He died

as he lived: Ignored, hated, and uncared for.

He will not be missed. The only one who gave

A da**, he killed.

Continued . . .

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