May 21, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a dark, damp, and cold night; I was walking to the park near my house just because I really needed a breather. It had been a long day, and the nature and serenity of being outdoors always seemed to calm me down. Like always, the affect had started to settle in within the first five minutes of my walk, and I was feeling fine by the time I was one block away from the park. But when I started to turn the corner, I smelt it; the alcohol. It was obvious that it wasn’t just a single glass, either. This had to be bottles and bottles full of wine. Hesitantly, I stepped forward and peeped from behind a tree, looking at the equipment, only to see two people who looked strangely familiar sitting with their backs to me. I moved closer, quietly, careful not to disturb them, but I stepped on a branch, and it broke with a bam. The girl turned to look behind her, and I realized it was Elizabeth Truffle from my school; the grade’s most troubled kid; the one who everyone ‘liked’ and envied for her so-called good looks. Then, the boy beside her turned around and I couldn’t believe my eyes – there he was. Him. The boy who I’d been crushing on for the past half-decade of my life; the boy who was my friend; the boy who, up until now, I had deemed as completely innocent – up until I saw him take that bottle of wine and gulp it all down in one huge chug. I saw him get up and suddenly tense, and then throw the empty bottle across the park. It hit a tree, hard, and split into a hundred little pieces that fell on the floor, sparkling with the reflection of light from the street-lamp above. I screamed, and they both spun around. Elizabeth, fully drunk, started walking towards me, another empty bottle in hand, but I didn’t care about her. All I could do was look at him. For a moment, I thought I saw him realize who I was, and what was about to happen. I thought for a second that he was about to say something, do something – I was wrong. As soon as that glimmer was in his eyes, it was out, and he was coming at me as well. I tried to run but I wasn’t fast enough; they caught me and threw me to the ground, and I saw Elizabeth Truffle raise the bottle of alcohol. My last thought before everything went black was this: I had loved him, and he had betrayed me; he was about to watch the girl he lusted over kill me right in front of his eyes, and he wasn’t going to do anything about it. And just like that, my vision blurred, and everything disappeared. All my thoughts, my vision, and feelings vanished – gone like the trust I had for him – gone, forever, along with the beating of my heart.

The author's comments:
Nightmare. Had to write; just had to...

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