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White Pillars

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Once in a land covered in beauty and peace, where there was no suffering, and only justice and kindness ruled over the people, where people cared and loved their neighbors from the farthest edges of the kingdom, Was a stone palace, as pure and white as fresh snow. In that palace lived a Queen, as fair and beautiful as her countryside. She was loving and the people loved her with all their hearts. Her hair was as white as the stone pillars that held her castle. Her skin was as fine as the rolling sands of the beach. She would harm no creature, and never speak ill about or to a person.

It was said, that at the end of the day, when the work was done. Once the cooks stopped cooking and the servants stopped serving, the whole castle would come together and eat a marvelous banquette. They would speak about the day, and how things faired. And the Queen, would go around all of her tables and speak briefly to everyone, leaving not even a newborn babe without a gentle whisper. At the end of the meal, she would go to the front of the hall, thank everyone for their service and friendship, then dismiss everyone to a hard earned rest.

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