A Story For Makayla

November 24, 2010
On April 30th on a beautiful, spring morning Princess Makayla was born to the King and Queen of the Pink Kingdom. The Pink Kingdom had a huge backyard for her to play in and in the spring it always smelled of sweet, red roses. She was a very happy little girl and one day her parents decided to get her a puppy. The puppy was brown and speckled with little black spots. Princess Makayla named this puppy Brady and they were the best of friends.

One day Princess Makayla was playing outside with Princess Ella from the Blue Kingdom. The Blue Kingdom wasn’t very far away from the Pink Kingdom and the queens were best friends. Because they were best friend the two princesses saw each other often. Ella brought her kitten, Charlie, over to play with Brady and keep him company. Charlie was an all black kitten who loved to get into trouble. The two girls were playing make believe and turned their backs away from their pets for a few minutes. When they turned back around they saw that their pets were running into the Green Forest chasing after an orange frog. The girls weren’t supposed to go in the forest because it was filled with unknown creatures and could get very dark in there. However, the girls knew that they couldn’t just let their pets run away so Makayla grabbed her sparkly wand and Ella took her magic crayons and together they headed off into the Green Forest.

They hadn’t gone very far into the forest before they came across their first obstacle. They came to the farmer’s tomato field and although Makayla was able to get through it just fine, Ella was terrified of tomatoes. Makayla waved her sparkly wand and made the tomatoes invisible until they were able to make it through to the other side. Once on the other side she then turned them back to normal. Ella was very grateful and thanked Makayla over and over again.

“It’s nothing Ella, I know you would do it for me”, Makayla said with a smile.

It wasn’t too long before Makayla did need Princess Ella’s help. After walking a little bit further, they came to the carrot patch. Ella began to walk through the carrot patch and eat a couple of the crunchy, orange carrots on the way, but she stopped when she realized Makayla was no longer behind her.

“Makayla what is the problem ?”, Ella questioned.

“It’s the carrots. They scare me, and they smell terrible like a rotting pumpkin after Halloween!”, Makayla exclaimed.

“I think I have an idea.” Ella took her brown, magic crayon and drew ten, little, brown bunnies all around them. They were as brown as the bark of an old oak tree. Once she had them all done she instructed them to eat all of the carrots. Within a few minutes they had eaten all of the carrots and the two princesses went through and thanked every bunny and pet their soft, furry heads. They left the bunnies there to live on the farm and the girls continued on their way.

Finally, they arrived in the Yellow Meadow where they found both of their pets, Brady and Charlie, running through it. The two girls began to yell their names and the pets stopped running. Once they realized who was calling them they came running back to their owners while barking and meowing crazily. The two princesses hugged their pets and Brady jumped up and licked Makayla with his soft, wet tongue and made there way back home. Finally, they made their way back to Princess Makayla’s pink yard and hugged goodbye and promised to see each other soon.

All of a sudden Makayla woke up. She realized it was all a dream, but it felt so real she couldn’t believe it. She hopped out of bed and went downstairs to tell her parents all about her dream. The laughed at her creative imagination and together they sat down and ate dinner. It was Makayla’s favorite, pizza.

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Rebecca P. said...
Dec. 3, 2010 at 9:19 am
I think Makayla will love this story--it's so classic!  What litle girl wouldn't want to be a princess?  I think the photo you picked is also very appropriate.  Great job!
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