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The Rush-Chapter Four Conclusion

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Seth continued to cry a little more, but not a violently as he had earlier. I stayed there with him until he calmed down. It took a while, but being me, I couldn’t leave him to cry. By then it was around twelve o’clock in the morning; I had to get home. I bet my mom would prefer to see me in my bed instead of a volleyball with a wig.

“I guess I’ll see you in a few hours,” I said nonchalantly, trying to lighten up the mood.

Seth smirked, shaking his chestnut hair sheepishly. “Huh, yeah I guess so.”

“Ok, see ya,” I waved casually as I turned towards the exit of the forest.

“Um.....” I heard from behind me. I looked back and shined the flashlight back.


“Uh, just wanted to say thanks. You didn’t have to come out here, but I’m glad that you did,” he smiled awkwardly. Showing sincere appreciation wasn’t a very casual area for him. He didn’t do it very often.

I tried to make it easy for him. “No problem.” Without another word, I flashed the light ahead of me and continued to walk out. The height of emotions I had felt tonight had desensitized me, so I wasn’t scared of the woods anymore. Besides, it seemed like if any creeps were going to abduct me, they probably would’ve done it already. The only thing I felt walking home was a sharp stab of interest of what happened in Seth Craig’s mind when the world that he lived in was taking place around him.

Obviously he cared about what his parents thought which was why it hurt him so badly to see them shoot up, even if they didn’t lay a finger on him or his brother or sister. He also cared enough not to bring them to the cops so that he and his brother and sister could live better. He definitely tries to put a wall up and not care since they always hurt him so badly in nearly every way possible, but he somehow couldn’t do it completely. He put on a good show during the day, but when he was at home, it was a fight for his life. He was also scared that he would inevitably take the same road as his parents. Get married early, punch out a few kids even earlier, and kill them, too.

I knew he wouldn’t, though. And it wasn’t the fact that he knew how wrong it was that made me so sure. He could be totally clueless of what abuse did to children and he still wouldn’t do it. He had too much of a heart. If it were me that texted him at ten at night and wanted to sneak out, he would’ve done the same thing I did.

When I finally made it to my yard, I panicked a little since the lights in the house were being turned off. One by one, the windows all over the main floor were fading to black. I noticed that the darkness was migrating towards the front foyer where my mom would work her way upstairs. If I hurried, I would be able to make it to my bed before she got to my room.

I raced to the back of the yard and jumped onto the tree. I scrambled my way up the trunk, trying my best not to trip on the branches. I was breathing heavily when I leaped onto the roof. I had just seen the last light on the bottom level go out. I crawled over to my window and jumped into my room. I could hear my mom walking up the steps. I jumped onto my bed and threw the volleyball under my bed. I pulled out the last pillow from under the covers just as I heard the doorknob turn. Then I closed my eyes and lay still, praying I hadn’t mad too much noise when I opened the rarely used window or threw the volleyball under my bed and into a wooden floor.

I didn’t open my eyes again that night even though I barely slept.

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Oct. 17, 2010 at 3:32 am:
OMG! This is
THRILLING. Chills are running over me as I read this. YOU are GREAT!
Macx14 replied...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 8:39 am :
Thanks a lot!!
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