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Out there

Sometimes, when the time comes, you can't do it. Every ounce of determination drains out and away, as if some part of you has sprung a leek. You have to wonder why you were put there, in that spot, why you couldn't still be tucked away under the blankets warm, cozy, and safe. Instead here you are thrust into the torrent of rain and wind that forms the rest of the world. Shuddering and miserable is how you must face those first few days alone in the rain. At night you can dream of those soft slightly tumbled blankets that you curled under safely day and night, not knowing what else lay beyond those broad windows that lay to the side of your pillow. Now you know. And when you wake in the morning on the rough ground and discover that you are no longer safe and protected, you must cry. You will cry the tears that burn through the soul of your heart, you will cry the tears that betrayed your trust that all things are good. And then you must dry those tears, for nothing will bring back those days of the innocent, when all things were good. You will continue onwards, pushing through the deep black fog that always blocks your pathway. You will never know where you're going or what horror will stare out with wild eyes from the blackness that twists around this wicked world

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...Hopeless... said...
May 18, 2010 at 4:36 am:
Wow, this is really good, really powerful.  Keep up the awesome work!
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