A Single Wish Part 6

January 3, 2010
By Dreamsearcher SILVER, Norwood, Other
Dreamsearcher SILVER, Norwood, Other
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The trail led deeper and deeper into the forest. It kept swerving from being about an inch away from the stream to crossing over the trees. I continued to look at the ground and more than once I continued to see hooves in the dirt. “Something isn’t right about this.” I remarked to Lassie. He whined a reply. Suddenly as I continued to look at the hoof prints, I noticed for the first time, a pair of little shoe prints imprinting the dirt. A spark of hope flared into my chest. “I hope we’re on the right track there Lassie.” Just as I finished my sentence, I heard a rustle in the distance. As I stopped in my tracks I heard a faint whimpering farther away. “Alice? Alice!!” I called into the blackness. “Eric? Oh Eric is that you?” A voice replied not more than two hundred metres away. The tiny voice sounded relieved. “Stay where you are. I’m coming.” I broke into a run. As I got closer I saw a head of blonde hair that was shimmering in the moonlight. Alice saw me and she ran towards me. “I’m so sorry Eric!” she exclaimed. I could see the terror in her eyes. Lassie came up and snuggled against her. “How about we go home?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her head.Just as I turned my head I heard Lassie growling behind me. “What’s wrong Lassie?” I questioned. His teeth were bared and his back was hunched. His eyes were fixed on something behind me. I turned myself around. The sight that met my eyes drained all of my happiness. A black wolf was slinking from the shadows with an evil glint in his eye. Its back was hunched and it looked menacing. “Alice, take Lassie and go.” I whispered under my breath. She didn’t move. “Do as I say Alice. Go!” I urged and she silently moved away, tugging a growling Lassie behind her. The wolf changed its direction to follow them but I blocked its path. Its teeth were chattering and its mouth was frothing and I swear I could see it grin. Father had always warned me about the wolf’s grin. “If it grinned at you, you knew you would be a goner.” he had once said. Well, I really felt like a goner.
The wolf kept advancing on me. When I thought it could come no closer, it bunched up and pounced. It landed on my leg and it bit down hard. I screamed in agony as its teeth grinded against my bone. I fell to the ground and it clawed at my legs and my back. My shirt didn’t stand a chance as it landed on the ground beside me. I kicked at the wolf with my legs but it just advanced to bite on my shoulder. “Ahh! Get off you mangy mutt!” But I could scream as loud as I could and it wouldn’t do any good. It was agonizing pain. The wolf raked its claws down my back and I could feel the blood dripping down. The smell of my blood was overpowering. I thrashed and writhed but I swear that the wolf had bit down harder. I didn’t want this to be the end of my life, but even as I thought of this grim fate I could feel my energy draining. I screamed in utter pain and desperation.

Just as I was about to give up and accept my fate, a sudden thumping of hooves and a harsh whinnying sound broke through my misery. The weight of the wolf was suddenly lifted. As my eyes came into focus I spotted a tall dapple, grey horse bucking and kicking at the wolf. The horse stood in front of me and blocked me from the wolf. The wolf whined and bounded away into the forest. The horse issued a snort and after everything that had happened today, I just lost sight of everything and I plunged into the darkness.By the time I came to, a muzzle was brushing itself against me. It was the horse! I got up in pure shock. There was no anger in the horse’s eyes, only kindness and love. I was sore all over. I looked down at my body. There were so many cuts and blood that it scared me. The blood was oozing down my limbs so much that I couldn’t look any more. It was light out now and I really needed to get home. I cautiously started to go in the right direction but the horse cut me off. He swung around and planted its back to me. Did it want me to get on? I wondered. I walked over to a nearby rock. The horse followed. Not really sure of what I was doing, I slid a leg over him. He didn’t move. I got on and he took off at a brisk walk and he broke into a fast canter. I held on, but it was as if the horse was floating. Even through the excruciating pain it was amazing. I could lightly pull on the mane to steer so I couldn’t wait to get home. The trees were whipping by but we never seemed to hit one. His grace was amazing for such a big horse. This was truly the ride of my life.

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