COLD chapter 4

December 21, 2009
I had ran-well more like sprinted-to my car. And drove as quickly I could home. No cops luckily because I was going sixty in a forty-five.
“ Not only am I the schools current Ghost Whisperer, now I'm Ms. What-the-hell-was-that?” I mumbled to myself.
“ Yeah and if you keep going that speed you'll be Ms. Dead,” laughed a voice from the backseat.
“ HOLY ****!” I screeched as loud as I possibly could, looked in my mirror to see dream boy sitting in my back seat! That freaked me out even more, I screamed again, and this time I accidentally spun off the road.
“ It's not like you've never seen a ghost before, calm down, Shyne,”
“SHUT UP! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU YOU ARE BUT GET OUT OF MY CAR!” I screamed as I was trying to stop my my car before it hit the massive oak tree less then twenty yards away. And like an idiotic moron he just pulled out a friggin juice box and sat there and watched the show.

BAM!!! It all went black and I knew I was dead...

“ I told you to calm down,” said a voice gently as a wet cloth was pressed softly against my head.
“ Yeah well if you had been a little bit more subtle maybe I wouldn't have crashed,” I replied trying to sit up, but some force pushed me backed down. I could tell it was wasn't completely solid and that I could have gotten up, but I lied back down instead.
“ Are you okay?” dream boy asked again.
“ Lets see, shall we? I crashed my car because some moronic idiot decided to scare me and watch me crash it at that, while drinking a juice box the whole time...i think I'm fine other than that..oh, but did I mention my head hurts like somebody used it as a bowling bowling for twenty games, twenty days , and twenty nights!” I said. Then, he became solid again, not to wear I could physically touch him but to were I could see the hurt on his face, as he hunched over me he just stared at me intently with his electric green eyes and dark brown curls fell over his face that made a shadow around his eyes which made them blaze.
“ Who are you,” I whispered almost silently. He still heard me.
“ Kyo Radke, and I know what your next question is, the answer is: I'm not telling.” he replied with a dark chuckle as he floated up
“ What was my next question, Kyo?”
“ How did I die,” he said.
“ That might have came to mind,” I admitted. I walked over to my car. My whole front was smashed in from the tree.
“Uh, next question, how exactly did I survive this accident? Anybody-even me-should have died in that!” I asked him without looking him still inspecting my car. Not that there was any point it was beyond repair.
“ Simple, either I saved you or you saved your self. Pick one, it doesn't really matter to me which fate you choose.”
Now, that makes a girl look up from inspecting her mangled car.
“ What?” I asked, like I didn't hear him before he said the last thing I wanted to hear. “ Are you saying I have to choose my fate now?!?” I was trying so hard not to scream at him. Considering the fact that somebody was bound to video tape the girl screaming at then air, and post it on the internet. “ Ya know wha-” I was interrupted by a necklace falling right in front of me from the freaking sky! Ghosts I can handle, all this extra stuff though, I don't know.
“ Okay, Kyo, if you're gonna go all magical on me, tell me now so I can be warned please.”
“ Oh, it's not my powers you should be worried about.”
I took the hint.
“ So what does this necklace do anyway?”
“ You'll find out over time, just put it on.”
“ Fine, whatever, oh great master Yoda.” I crack myself up sometimes, I laughed silently at myself. He smiled slightly.
“ Let's go,” Kyo gestured towards the woods across the lake, as if I could just close my eyes and arrive wherever I pleased. “ I can sense you're still angry with me, and I'm terribly sorry,” he said quietly in a dark voice, “ But you really have to come with me!” his voice suddenly got stronger and a cold burst of wind knocked me up in the air...THUD! My body slammed against the tree and before I blacked out I saw what caused the strange outburst from Kyo.
“ What the-?” An oversized shaggy black dog had lunged right in front of Kyo. Its muzzle was twisted into a ugly snarl, jaws snapping less then ten feet from Kyo's face! The dog glowed a dark blood red light all over its body and its claws had fresh blood dripping from the tips.
Suddenly, this incredible pressure begun to overwhelm me and I fell to the ground. Not only did this make my head hurt even worse, but it ****** me off to a new level.
“ AGHHHHHHH!!” I screamed in pain my whole body hurt so bad. Evidently, the stupid wolf was all brawn and no brain, because it hadn't even noticed me until I screamed. But I could tell it had been looking for something and something that little voice said that something was me. All my muscles began to tighten and contract, I screamed again as the pain worsened and worsened with each scream. But I couldn't stop screaming, I just couldn't and I had know idea why. It's like I had lost control of my body. The dog spun around and stared at me with its penetrating eyes. Its eyes were black as a hellish midsummer's night, they dug holes into my soul like a murder's knife through its victim, and I could've sworn I saw that thing smile as it attacked.

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