Goldilocks, Jafar & The Bubble in the Ocean

April 30, 2009
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. Mr. Pacman is supposed to come into this story somewhere, but, like all fairy tales, some things are meant to be forgotten, and I can't seem to remember where she fits. Oh, yeah! And her accomplice is Peach, but you won't see her much.

Well, while I am wasting your time with this, Jafar is playing solitaire because he can't find anything evil to do. And all of this is happening in a bubble, in an ocean. Jafar does not have an accomplice, because, fro his last stunt (that was evil), he is left poor. (Of course, he failed.)

Of course, either these people are super small, or the bubble is super big. Maybe a whale will pass by this bubble, but who would know ... "I can't believe it's almost the Whosentenial!" Oh! Goldilocks is fretting about the upcoming festival. What a fine speciman!

Let's go back to Jafar ... Oh! He IS planning something! A vacation to Hawaii!

//Jafar Lands in Hawaii

He runs to the beach and finds the bubble, he is quickly sucked in, he is too stupid to notice what s8ize it was.

Jafar's face lit up as he looked around his new play area. He quickly discovered a small, but large cave for his lair. He began his evil plan.

Meanwhile, Goldilocks was screaming her little golden head off while running away from the three bears, again, when she aimlessly walked into their house, again. The world may never know what goes on in her head.

She hid behind a bush and the bears ran past. She walked toward the beach and saw a peculiar man standing by a small cave, rubbing his hands together with an evil look on his face. He was dressed in strange, dark robes and a strange beehive, same colors, atop his head. Much different from her own clothes. She remembered the day well when she first got them. It was her birthday, however long ago that was ... While she was lost with her thoughts, Jafar noticed the girl with the pretty locks and thought up a new plan. He grabbed a knife, and seeing the girl's eyes were distant, he crept towards the golden locks. His eyes were locked on his prize, nothing else was worthy of his sight anymore.

He lifted the knife, when a bear swatted at his back. Jafar screamed and Goldilocks ran, away from the three bears. Papa Bear had made the blow. Goldilocks turned to watch as Mama Bear curled back her fist and let loose on Jafar. Baby Bear was swiping at Jafar's legs and arms.

Goldilocks ran for the knife in Jafar's hand, as she grabbed at it, she took out her own knife and stabbed him just as he popped the bubble.

The bears and Goldilocks floated to the beach of Hawaii and lived happily ever after.


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Anne K. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 5, 2009 at 12:47 am
Great! It was very descriptive, and your characters had distinct personalities. Good work!
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