Zombies: 2020

April 30, 2018
By epicpizza10 BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
epicpizza10 BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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The year is 2020 and the infection has spread worldwide infecting millions of people. The human race struggles to survive. I’m Dylan and I’ve been on the run for as long as I could remember. My group consists of Thomas, Sabrina, Andy, Tyrone, Jorge, and, of course, I. We finally made it to Los Angeles after walking thousands of miles from New York. Jorge had heard of a rumor that there is a safe haven island off the coast of California in the Pacific. When we finally made it L.A. it was not the same as it once was years ago. At one time it was a prospering city with millions of people living in it and a wonderful vibe. Now the city is a giant pile of rubble as far as the eye could see. I see a deteriorated street sign that reads “Hollywood.” Buildings were crumpled and the streets were barren. The subway was the worst place of them all, crawling with the undead. If you go down there you’re basically dead. Everything was dark and vast. We were trying to make it to the Santa Monica Pier and find a boat to head towards the island. While on the street heading towards the beach we noticed a group of zombies one block ahead of us. We turned around and ran away as fast as we could. More zombies began to pop up around the corner as we ran down the street. Soon we hit a dead end on a door that leads to our worst horrors—the subway. 
Tyrone made the bold choice to slam into the door and shut it faster than a blinking eye so we could escape the oncoming horde. Inside however, was something more frightening than anything we could’ve expected—the Ravagers. This group of cannibalistic humans isn’t zombies, but they might as well be. The zombie apocalypse has fiddled with their brains and ideologies. They want to eat and kill the rest of the human race. They believe this is the only way humans will survive and can’t see how horrible this truly is. No matter how dangerous they were I was not going to let my friends and I die at the hands of these monsters. They began to creep up on us and try to capture us. We made a run for it and ran into even more zombies. Gunshots were being fired at us when all of a sudden Andy dropped to the floor. He had been shot in the leg. We all stopped to help him but it was too late. There was nothing we could do when suddenly the Ravagers caught up to us, but so did the zombies. The Ravagers banded together to kill all the zombies, but that was just so they could have us for themselves. We got captured and were prepared to die.
“They’re all awake now everybody. It’s dinner time.” This was all I heard when I recovered from unconsciousness. “You all look very delicious. My boys here are getting hungry.” said what I could only assume was the Ravager leader. I was chained up to a wall along with the rest of my friends and couldn’t do anything. I looked around and saw my friends filled with fear. The Ravagers had at least helped Andy by stopping the bleeding from his leg by wrapping it around with a shirt. He began to say, “It’s all my fault. You should’ve run without me.” “Don’t say that Andy. It was our choice. We make it together or we die together.” said Sabrina. “Enough talking, who’s going first,” said the leader. I was ready to volunteer. Everything my friends and I had been through all these years weren’t going to be wasted. All of a sudden Jorge said, “Let it be me. These kids don’t deserve it.” “No!” screamed the rest of us. Jorge had gone through so much, losing his family to the zombies before we even found him. I knew it was his choice and that he was ready to sacrifice himself for us. The Ravagers began to move towards Jorge. I couldn’t bear to look. All I heard next was screaming. When it was all done I looked over with tears and saw a disfigured body I didn’t even recognize. Heartbroken, I noticed that the Ravagers left a gun near me when they went to go kill Jorge. I used all my strength to try and reach over to grab it, but I just couldn’t. Thomas noticed what I was trying to do so he began to reach his leg out and kick it towards me. He got hold of it and brought it towards me when I began to fire with all the hatred swelling inside me at the Ravagers. Then I shot and broke the chains for myself and my friends. Then we made a run for it. We were silent for the rest of the journey to the coast.
We made it to the shore when Thomas said, “I got bit back in the subway. You guys need to leave me.” I lost one friend today and I wasn’t going to lose my best friend too. I yelled, “No! We can find a way.” “With him here none of us are safe. Trust me.” said Tyrone. “We’re so close we can’t leave him now. There’s a boat right there.” said Sabrina. “Leave without me I don’t want to hurt any of you!” screamed Thomas. He was different. He began to turn. He looked at me with terrified eyes before he attacked me. I had to fight him. I yelled at the others, “Get to the boat!” They ran, leaving Thomas and I. He went back and forth between zombie and human. “You’re my best friend and I won’t hurt you.” “KILL ME DYLAN.” He is the reason I’m here today. He was asking for a favor so he could save my life one more time. I knew what I had to do. Trembling, I grabbed the gun and stared at his eyes filled with sadness. I shot but didn’t kill Thomas. I killed a zombie that looked like Thomas, but deep down would never be Thomas. I dropped the gun, knowing the rest of us would be safe now. I never looked back.

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