Black Snow

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

I jumped to the side avoiding my enemy’s attack,  I use my powers to freeze him to the ground.  “What is your name” I demanded as I made frost fall from my hand as a demonstration of power.  “My name is Chama, and you have no clue what you’re up against”  he burst into flames, and emerged,free from the ice.  I was taken aback by this, as I was not used to encountering someone with his powers. Ice, Fire, and Wind magic was hard to find as they do not normally occur naturally, I was one of those rare cases and I’ve never experienced fighting another person like me in my 5 years of being a hero, until now.  “You’re gifted with your powers, why use them for the things you do?” I ask “I use them this way because your soldiers killed my father in the war.”  I let him hit me out of pity and I simply said “ I’m sorry for that”  And I landed one punch. The punch slammed him into the ground cracking the concrete beneath him, normally I’d go easy on people, but I know that the powers he has allows him to become almost immortal, as that is how mine is. “Have you even learned how to use your wings?” I questioned “yes, but you aren’t worth it” he said, obviously lying.  I ignored it and used my wings, by the way, “Wings” is a reference to our power, accessing your wings means that you know all of your power, which in some cases, like mine, lead to you getting wings in the element your magic is.  My wings spread, showing my power to him.  He grimaced when he noticed that my left wing was broken, but before he could ask or say anything I attacked.  I landed every attack rendering him unconscious.  I handcuffed him and gave him to the police. 

I went home and watched the news, I was happy to see that I was the main story again with the same headlines “Tsurara saves the day” “Tsurara is the top hero, here's what she did today”  I was always proud to be on there, it made me so happy to see people who I saved support me, but today felt off.  That’s when I saw out of the corner of my eye, I immediately put my suit on and followed the figure. It finally stopped in a small, dark alleyway, I asked for it’s name.  No response.  I asked what it was. No response, instead he stepped into the lights “surprise” he said laughing.  It was Chama.  “How did you escape? How have they not noticed?” I inquired “They didn’t and they never will, I said a little white lie when we first met, I do know how to control my wings, but I’ve gone to the next level. I can create copies of myself and others, and they act the exact same as said person.”  “ You have yet to surprise me, I had no clue you were so advanced, sadly what you didn’t take into consideration is that my powers have a severe advantage over you, and my ice magic can change to blizzard magic, the highest you can go, magic wise.”  he smirked, I knew that I just bluffed, so did he, but instead of saying anything he pounced.  His purple flames sprouted from his back, like tails and they lashed around like furious snakes, cutting my leg. I Jumped back avoiding his other attacks, I used my wings to fly farther back.  Then I sent a jagged ice wall to seperate us so I had a moment to think, sadly the wall did not last long as his tails burned straight through it.  He launched through the hole he made and attacked my wings. He ripped through my wing sending me crashing to the ground, speaking in a soft voice he said “I’m sparing you for now”  and I blacked out. 

When I woke up I was back at my house, but I still felt the pain in my wing, it was gone.  I had little to no power now, and I knew only one way to get it back.  I had to go dark, but I knew that is wrong. So I braced myself for what I was about to do, and I destroyed my hero costume, and designed something new. It was a white and grey skin suit, I extended my only wing and said “èirich dorchas” my other wing started to grow. Black snow formed into ice until I had black ice wing. I later met with chama, not to defeat him, but to allow him to become my right-hand man, as we destroy the world, bit by bit.  “are you ready” I simply replied “Let’s cause some havoc”  a new person emerged from the darkness behind me “Mind if I join?”  “state your name and power rarity” “Veter is the name.  My power grants me talons, similar to your wings and tails. By the way love the new look, Tsurara.”

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