The Cat

October 8, 2017
By SavannaStarfruit BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
SavannaStarfruit BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the Man who never reads lives only one."

This story takes you back into Ancient Greece (well 80 years ago ancient greece.) to a girl about 13 years old. She had the powers to see Into the future every once in in a while. This gifted  girl’s name is Andrea. The greeks believed it meant daring. Every one said she was a daredevil, so I expect it’s true. Andrea had one wish. To become a greek goddess. She didn’t care if she was a minor goddess. She just wanted to be one. Yeah. Duh. Greek gods are real (at least in this story).

Andrea groaned as she got out of bed. She was so tired. Last night she went to bed at about eleven o’clock. At least that’s what the sundial said. (Okey-dokey, how do I explain this? A sundial is like really old fashioned clock.  The surface of a sundial has markings for each hour of daylight. As the sun moves across the sky, another part of the sundial casts a shadow on these markings. The position of the shadow shows what time it is.) I don’t know why she didn’t have a regular wind up clock,  or a coo coo clock (I think Andrea had a sundial to feel more like the ancient greek gods).

Andrea went to go get a quick snack. Her mom and dad were outside working a new flowerbed. “I wonder if Grace is at the mysterious forest like she said she would be. Andrea’s town was near a forest. Andrea and her friend Grace called it the mysterious forest. In fact Andrea and Grace don’t yet know how mysterious and quite unexpecting the forest is.

Andrea met Grace on the south side of the forest. “Hey!” called Grace, “I’m over here!” she grinned, “Are you blind?” She said slowly like Andrea was a dummy. For she was walking  completely in the wrong direction. She laughed and bounded up to her. “Let's go into the forest,” She said with a smile. “Okay,” Grace replied already barging into the trees. “I wish I had some chicken nuggets,” Andrea said dreamily staring off at a deer. “Ummm… Andrea did you just say that you wish you had a ‘chicken nuggets?’ Because if you did, what in the world is a ‘chicken nuggets?’ ” “Oh, it’s a modern food. I saw these two kids about the same age as us go out to a place called McDonald's in a vision,” said Andrea still dreaming. “Fascinating,” Grace said wanting one now too. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! spare me, please! I only have seven lives left!” someone yelled a few bushes beyond.

“Should we go and explore?” Grace asked Andrea. “Hmmm… Let me think… Having our lives in jeopardy, or going home to do boring stuff like thinking about chicken nuggets. Oh I know! I say have our lives in jeopardy, and see what’s going on!” Replied Andrea. “Okay let’s go,” Grace said sneaking into the bushes. What they saw surprised them. Alot.

Andrea saw a greek god named Hera looking at a cat like she was going hit it upside in the head. The cat however, was looking at the goddess like she was psycho. (Hera’s the greek goddess of Marriage)  Hera glared at us and said to the cat “If you are to do that again, cat, I will most certainly make you have an even worse punishment than the one Zeus  gave to Prometheus! (Zeus is the greek god of the sky. So that means he controls the rain, lightning, and etc. He is also king of greek gods.) “Hera!” Andrea piped up. “What is it mortal?” Hera exclaimed. “I was just wondering if I could become a goddess?” Andrea said in a pipsqueak voice. “Just saying if you do become a goddess you would become a very minor one, and no you may not become a goddess. Goodbye now.” Hera said breezily as she disappeared in a blinding flash of light.

“Hey! I’m still here” said the cat sarcastically. “So you want to become a goddess? If so I can do that, though I’d be breaking about million rules. “You can?” Asked Andrea very surprised. “Can I become one too?” Asked Grace being thoughtful. “Sure, but I ask for a small price. I ask that once you become goddess’s you give me some of your immortality, Which is possible. I can grant someone else immortality just not to myself.” “Okay, we agree,” said Grace. When you wake up the next morning you will be immortal.

The next morning Andrea felt all tingly as if time had slowed down.  She heard a distant meowing as she rubbed her eyes awake.

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