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Amber alarm goes off and she flutters out of bed.
“Good morning y'all it's going to be another flutterific day” She puts on her little pink dress and throws sparkles on hey wings. As she flyed down the street she greeted everyone with a smile.
“Good morning sir officer”
“Amber i tell you this every day! You can't talk to me!” The officer lets out a scal then goes back to position.
“Sorry” Amber lets her feet drag across the floor and sulks “Have a flutterific day” She says quietly.
The office look at the man beside him.
“Don’t look at me like that? She is annoying.” The officer gave him a glare and looked back.
By the time Amber made her way down to the portal to go to Earth she was dragging her legs.
She perks up realizing she had made it to Earth and then starts looking for John again.
“Hmm John is not in his usual spot? Where could he be?” Amber look at his house, work, friends house, gym, stores he goes to, his other work and he favorite hang out spot.
“Oh silly me. He's at a dentist appointment” She flies over to see him.
“Oh just look at him… Now only if he was a fairy” Amber did not take her eyes off of him all day . When he got back to his house finally she went up and sat of his shoulder watching tv with him. She has sat on his shoulder many times before, but since he was watching a football game he kept moving. She lost balance many times and had to fly up to sit down again. But John heard the buzzing of her wings and start swatting at her thinking she was a fly.
“Oh no. This is not going to end well”
She starts to circle around her head as he keeps swinging at her. At one point he finally hits Amber, she was flung into John’s ear.
“Ow why did you do that?” Amber said while getting up, sitting on the edge on John’s ear.
“Do what?”John asked, as he starts to look around to see who said that.
“Oh crap” She jumps up and starts to fly away.
“Hello?” John stands there scratching his head.
“Oh golly i can't make him think he nuts” She flies back to his ear.
“I am your self conscience?” She scrunches her face up.

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