Mortal Impact

May 11, 2017
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This city, MY city, must be taken back. It can’t continue like this. The people are out there suffering, in worse shape than they’ve ever been. The streets are strewn with crime. The people can’t defend themselves. The people of this great city need a savior, they need a hero. Someone who will rise and bring them from the ashes, beyond the horrors of this world and into a new light. I can be that someone; Donovan Kane is that someone.
It all started a few months back. A new mayor was elected to office, and the people, being the uneducated imbeciles that they are, elected a reprobate man. He corrupted the city; the police force, the city officials, councils, juries, judges, and even the embodiment of the city. The corruption runs rampant. Every day there are more arrests than the last; cop cars and courts sending average men away. None of them should be imprisoned. This city deserves to be fully free. There is a dire need for it all to end. I shall be the one to do it.
For years, since I discovered my talents, I have been honing them and preparing for the day that I will be able to reveal myself to the city and be the hero it deserves. None of my talents are too immortal but I have been given enough that I myself am beyond human. I am a god. I shall lay claim to this city, being it’s savior. Then the rest will fall into place as I save the entire world from itself.
My talents of strength, healing and intelligence are all impressive, I even impress myself still every once in awhile. My strength allows me to lift cars, with minor strain, and on a good day I’ve been able to toss them across the junkyard. My healing is probably the worst. Cuts, bruises and scrapes are all only problems for a couple hours before my skin is healed perfectly again. For larger injuries, however, the process is still slow, I was hung up on a broken arm for almost two weeks. My intelligence has been the most useful. It has helped me to create a few nifty things here in my workshop. All of my talents will be put to the test, however.
The mayor doesn’t work alone. His greatest henchman, a man by the name of Mark Moore, is another similar to myself; abilities and skills beyond that of a normal man. He’s strong, fast, and very canny. He is the major reason for this corruption. He helped the mayor promise peace and prosperity. Now he has given the government new technologies to make convicting people much easier. Every day there are more and more arrests and at the heart of it all is my soon to be nemesis.
Now, as I leave my lonely apartment, it begins to rain. I smile under the brim of my hat. I’ve dressed for the occasion. A long tan trench coat with a matching trilby, I feel like one of Al Capone's mobsters. I walk through the drizzle on my way to the subway. It’s a couple blocks away and as I walk I catch glimpses of myself within the windows of the buildings I pass. I was never the most attractive, a weak jaw line and messy black hair. My face has always been a bit pudgy, not fat, but enough that none of my facial features are definitive. My nose stays in proportion, being a bit wider than most, and my eyes, though a deep icy blue are adorned by my long black eyelashes and my thick eyelashes of the same dark hue.
As I head into the underground of the subway I can hear the rain pick up. I quicken my pace now, there’s no time to waste. I hurdle the turnstile and race toward the train. I can hear the man in the ticket booth yell. He won’t chase me. Still I keep a decent jog and slide into the most crowded car. I’ve timed it perfectly. The doors close and I vanish into the flickering abyss of the rails without a trace.
It is only a short ride to reach city hall from the lavish apartment buildings of which I reside in. I check my watch, which I have rigged as a time bomb; a turn of the outer rim and in just sixty seconds a wonderful explosion. The time reads a quarter to four in the afternoon, the mayor should be heading to do paperwork in his office about this time. The train grinds to a halt and people begin to work their way out, and others on. I slink through the crowd and out onto the street. A short block or so walk from here and then up the steps and into city hall.
I take a leisurely gait as the rain has let up now. Reaching a street corner, whilst waiting for the light, I tilt my head back taking in the sky and the roof tops. The thunder heads roll across the sky blanketing everything in an ominous light like the fade just before the sun disappears. I take a moment admiring the architecture put into building the skyscrapers, then it is time to move. I cross the street with the congregation. All for one and one for all. What I am about to do is for them. Then there’s the sirens.
I continue forward, standing at six foot five inches tall I can see over the cluster. The cars skid to a standstill and the men rush out breaking into the nearest complex. I don’t stay to watch, another is going to be arrested. I continue on, sifting through my pocket. I find my weapon, the Doninnator I call it. I took a regular old glock 9mm apart and added a few touches of my own. It has a seventeen round mag, along with a taser equipped on the side for close quarters, and 3 darts, coated in a small amount of grayanotoxins which will insinuate mad honey disease, inserted within a side chamber. My favorite part is the small under barrel silencer that flips up and into place on its own. Again, of my own design, it does the muffling of one triple its size. It’s more than what I’ll need.
I break off from the horde heading up the steps and into city hall. I take a glance back, they’ll be free soon. Stepping inside I stop, the place is very luxurious, it’ll be great to come through here everyday. Only two people that I see or hear across the two wide and open floors. They’re above me, so I head to the curved staircase on the right. I calmly approach them from behind as they speak the last words of their nefarious lives. I call upon the years I spent learning Krav Maga, hand to hand combat demonstrated by middle eastern militaries. A few quick strikes and the two men lay at my feet, their chests still. I continue on my way. My real target lies through the large double doors at the end of the back hallway.
I continue my slow stroll toward the back of the building. I walk past multiple doors, small conversations within each room carry on. They have no idea what’s about to happen. I reach the doors, pausing before I enter. It is time to end this, time to fulfill my destiny and become the ruler this city deserves. I can hear the mayor within, his voice deep and gentle. No doubt talking with Mark, a man of high stature and a controlled tone. 
“...yes yes. That sounds like a wonderful idea. We will need to put that into effect as soon as I can get it approved,” the voice is deep, yet soothing.
“I will talk to the men and see how they feel about the idea. We may be able to get started with things even before it is approved,” crisp, even speaking now. It’s time for my entrance. I take a step back and throw the double doors wide open in greeting. I raise both arms, one pointing the Doninnator at the mayor and the other held high in the air.
“Greetings gentlemen. How are you on this lovely day? Speechless?” the mayor’s mouth hangs agape, and Mike looks like a deer in the headlights. “Your reign has come to an end Mr. Mayor. I’d ask you step down from office politely, but then you could always resurrect yourself into power again. You won’t be able to do that if you’re dead.” I aim the weapon, no worries about Moore now. He wouldn’t try anything with his boss's head on the line.
“H-h-hold on now. Don’t do anything rash here,” the mayor replies as he stands with his hands in the air. “W-what do you want? Money? An office position? Name your price. I am fully confident that we can come to an agreement.”
I laugh coldly at the plea. “You think that I want that? No. None of it will suffice. I want this city to become glorious, enriched,” A smirk slides across my lips. “And that can only happen with you in a coffin, or the bottom of a river. I’ll let you pick.”
Sweat beads on his forehead and his eyes attack the room looking for anything to save him. “What exactly do you plan to do, once you’ve killed me?”
“Well, after I’m hailed as a hero, I will do what you promised to do and make this the equivalent of Olympus. The people will be near worship and everyone will be free. The prisons gone, jobs and money will be permitted equally among the masses. So help me the gods will be jealous.”
“You’re insane Donovan,” I hardly see Mike’s built physique, as it moves at blinding speed across the room tackling me to the ground. He pins me. “Donovan, listen to me. This isn’t the way. We can fix this place together! The crime rate is already dropping.”
I struggle, I’m stronger than he is and I slowly gain ground fighting back. “No. This isn’t what people deserve. The evil must be dispatched and those who fight for good set free.” He is beginning to struggle.
“How? How will you understand the difference? It isn’t right no matter how or why you shoot someone in the street. You have to understand that!”
I push harder, being angered by his words. “How can you say that? You know what happened! They killed my mom and sister, knocked my dad out cold as I cowered in the corner. I couldn't help them. I was only 8! And then when dad went to serve the men justice, and they took him away. He was all I had left!”
“You had me and my folks. What happened was the right thing.”
I yell in rage and with one final push throw him off and into the far wall. “Now I will right those wrongs.” I glance at my wrists seeing the bruises from his grip already fading. I point my weapon and fire toward his body struggling to stand. It falls limp. There are footsteps in the hall.
The mayor ran for help like the coward he is. I estimate fifteen men, for seventeen bullets. The first two come around the corner far down the hall. No need for the silencer now. BANG! BANG! Two new heaps on the floor. The rest hesitate giving me time to take cover behind the large desk. Within the short hall they’re sitting ducks. Three rounds ricochet around me. I’m up quick letting off five in return, three possibly four men crumple. I don’t count the returned shots. I roll out from behind the desk and set up on one knee firing off five more rounds, five more lifeless bodies. I dive back behind the desk. One bullet lacerates my calf sending a fountain of blood in the air, while another grazes my back. I bite back a scream while quickly ripping off one sleeve of my jacket and wrapping it around my leg. The back wound is already healing and this should heal before the last casing hits the floor. I let out a curse as more bullet holes appear around me and I realize that I lost my hat on the last roll.
I stick just my hand up over the top firing off the rest of my magazine, one more hits the floor. I quickly slide across the top of the desk sprinting for the nearest guard. I count four men left. I slay the first stuffing the taser end, which is super charged, into his neck. Instantly he becomes dead weight and seared flesh covers the previous stench of gunpowder ignition. Two others charge. With only brief hesitation at the loss of my favorite creation I hurl it into the first man’s face. It stuns him long enough for me to brake the seconds arm and neck, leaving him broken on the ground. Even before he knows what is happening I buckle the final guards knees leaving him bent on the floor and wind up one final kick obliterating his skull.
I slowly turn back to the office toward the final man. The mayor is shaking, kneeled next to Mike. Barely above a whisper, “He has no pulse. God, what have you done?”
“He’s alive. Mad honey disease. Stops a person's heart and damn near kills them. He should be fine soon, not fully aware, but he’ll come to. Now, back behind your desk.” He does as told looking out the great glass windows on the back wall, hardly a shard of glass left. I approach him making my way through the corpse striden hall. My boots squish in the carpet as I walk. I stand next to the mayor.
“Beautiful, isn’t she?” I inquire. He has nothing but a slow nod and hard swallow as we admire the city. “I promise you, I’ll make it fast. Like ripping off a band-aid. A huge burst of pain and then blackness.” He stares straight ahead. I turn myself preparing to end it and take what is mine. Suddenly a scream of rage shreds the air and using everything he has Mike toplles us out the window. We plummet the two stories onto the courtyard below.
“Disease...wears...faster...on supers.” We lay there in a heap. Both trying to catch our breath. He does before I do. It’s all over now. I have just enough energy to check the time of my death. He sits up and begins beating my face. It’s bloody against the pavement. He struggles for his words as I take the beating. “We...were..brothers. Why’ disappear?” He lets up preparing to take me in.
“It was the only way. Checkmate.” His eyes look confused as I bring around my watch showing the last few seconds tick off before the explosion decimates the area. If I couldn’t have it, no one would.

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