Condemning Art

“I don’t think we can trust them.  Come with me now… Hurry…” he said.
I faintly look at him and the streetlight above us showed the panic written all over his face. I had to make a choice. To go with this man or to stay with my mafia and finish what we started. Trust? I have never had trust, but this, this was something else. This “art” it was a piece of me I was leaving behind. And I was going to finish it. “No, go. I’ll meet you back at my place” I said quickly. He nodded his head and hustled his way down the dark street with his head low and his hands in his pocket. 

Alexia ran up to me and she looked at my face and then towards the dark figure of the man slowly disappearing into the night. “Everything okay here Haylee?” she asked with concern tipping the edge of her voice. I slowly nodded my head and spoke quietly “Yes everything is okay.” I looked at her “Let’s get this done and over with. I don’t want to get caught.” “Let’s show them who we are.” I say to her. She smiled that wicked smile and ran back over to the old wall that was slowly falling apart. She covered her nose with her shirt sleeve and began to spray paint. I walked up to the wall and pressed my hand against it, whispering quietly a prayer so that this would go well. And I began to spray paint my work of art across the wall.

These are my feelings. This is my town. These are my people. This is my mafia. I am the boss around here. I will show them. I will show them who I am. They will walk down these streets, these streets my feet have walked on, and they’ll feel my presence. They will know that I am watching them. And I am NOT letting anybody. I will not let ANYBODY ruin what I have in store for this small condemning town. I will make them pay.

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