An Egyptian Story

April 24, 2017
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     The World is ending.  Okay maybe I over exaggerated a little, but you know it's confusing when your parent keeps shouting at the sky.  Hi my name is Sa'ra, and my life got interesting when I found Ammitt the part crocodile, part lion, part hippo, thing that ate my heart.  Now that you know there's going to be quite a few puns, sit back, because you're about to hear my story
I live in the small village of Adirondack Park, on the edge of Saranac Lake.  There were miles upon miles of beautiful trees this fall and they filled me with hope every time I woke up at my terrible house.  Now, don't get me wrong the house was amazing, but, I didn't like having such a big house with only myself and my crazy mother.  I woke up this time to my alarm clock screeching in my ear, it seemed to be saying, "Get up now or your mother will get you up herself!"  I was NOT ready for that again.
     I went to my door to see my list of chores for the day.  The usual, wash the car, go to the store, clean the house, get ready for my mother's party where all the citizens come to our house- sorry, HER house, you get the point. There was usually only one good thing that came out of my chores and that was getting to see my friends. I'm now starting to think that was the only way to get rid of my psychopathic mom. 
     I walked outside to, yet again, meet my mother throwing insults at the sky.  This time she was yelling about financial issues and why the sky hadn't "rained money down on her." 
    "Good morning, mom," this was the usual, go up to her, say hello, then quickly run away while she still was yelling at the sky.  Yeah I know, I'm a genius, this is a routine I take on.  Stop, stop, the compliments are to much.  Ok, back to the story.
     This time, though she stopped her yelling and turned to me.
     "Good morning, Sa'ra," lovely morning isn't it?"  Oh, I forgot to mention that my mother is a "professional" actress and is an extra in the new movie "Jessabelle."
     "Yes ma'am," I said in mock accent.  "What are you doing today?"
     "Well I'm practicing a new line for a new play!" I was not really believing what she was saying. 
     "Well, I'm off to do my chores," still in mock accent, then mumbled, "you can go back to yelling at the sky."
     "What was that?"
     "Oh nothing mother, just noticing how beautiful the sky is today."
     "Oh, ok, when you come back though, I need to tell you something very important."  And if my eyes did not deceive me, the sky got a little bit brighter.  But I better not go around saying that, or the neighbors will think I'm a lunatic as well.  Anyways, I started walking to the store to buy the groceries for tonight's party.  On the way there, my friends Jay and Rania were waiting at the usual spot, near the postal office in the town square. 
Rania who obviously loved Jay but wouldn't admit it, spoke first.
     "So, what did she say this time?"
     I answered with exactly what we talked about, specifically leaving out the part about her wanting to talk to me and what happened with the sky.
      "Wow, I think it's time to get her some professional help," Jay said.  "This has been going on forever, we don't want her rubbing off on you."  He said this as he put a hand on my arm.  I quickly pulled away, not wanting Rania to notice.  luckily, she didn't seem to have. We started heading to the Walmart  to get party supplies and food.  We finally got there and as I shopped around, both Rania and Jay went off looking at the electronics isles. 

     After the groceries were found, we went to check out. 
Rania looked up at the cashier and was in complete awe.  I looked up to see what the commotion was about, and saw exactly what it was about.  My heart fell as I saw the beauty before me.  Slowly, I turned and faced Rania, mouthing the word "dibs."  The cashier was a tall mixed boy of about 13 years of age, with cinnamon colored, curly hair, and deep, chocolate eyes.  My exact thought of excellence.
     The boy smiled at us.
     "Hi, how may I help you today?" The boy said.  I heard Rania muttering in the back, but I didn't catch her words.  "My name is Hathor."
    I decided on being the strong one by saying, "Help us with our bags if you will."  I silently kicked myself for stating the obvious, but it was one of those times when someone says "If you ever feel bad about stating the obvious, just think about all the times a cute cashier asks what he could do for you when you bring him your groceries."
     "Of course."
     "My dreams are coming true," Rania muttered this time, hearing what she said.  I stared at her blankly, not sure what to think of her at this moment.  This was the girl who never had an interest in boys before this year.  Now she was obsessed with them.
Once the groceries were bagged, we left with Hathor helping.  I pulled Rania to the side and smacked her in the face gently.
     "What the heck was that about?" She complained.
     "What's been going on lately?  Why have you been acting so boy crazy.
     "No reason."
     "I know you like Jay.  That's okay."
     "You do?  How, I mean no I don't."
     "It's fine.  He's a good guy.  But why Hathor?  Is he really that good looking to you?" I smiled at her, and she responded with a lopsided one.
     "I guess I'm just jealous."
     "Of what?  You have nothing to be jealous of," I said.
     "Sa'ra, I'm jealous of you.  I know I shouldn't, and there is a 84.8% chance of me being jealous, being extremely bad.  Plus, I don't think I like Hathor.  For some reason there seems to be like, I don't know, an aura or something that surrounds him, making  all the girls within a five yard radius fall in love with him."  She gestured to the three girls standing to the side all completely love struck.
     "That's weird.  Maybe we should see if we can find anything that might tell us anything about this "aura" around him."
     "Look, step back approximately 3.4 feet, no, 3.3."  Just to be clear, she's aa genius, all you do is what she says.
     "Ok, see, do you still like him?"
     "I mean a little, but not as much as before.  You're right, this is weird.  What about I come to your house once I'm done with the groceries, maybe we can try to find something out?
     "Deal."  She started to walk back to the others.
     "Oh, wait, one more thing," I yelled.  "Sorry I slapped you."
     "You're fine."  Rania gave me the lopsided grin again, and we both busted out laughing.  I was starting to think everything would be better again… until I saw Hathor and Jay looking at Rania and me like we were crazy.  I smiled and walked on ahead.  Rania on the other hand had different plans.
    “Who are your parents?  Where are you from?  Why did you come here?  Where is your alien space craft?”
     Hathor replied with, “Don’t have any.  Here, was always here, and, I am not an alien.”
     “So you say, so you say.” She strode off rubbing her hands together like an evil scientist.
     “Sorry about her, Hathor.  She’s crazy.”  He smiled at me, and my heart melted.  Then I remembered what Rania said about the five yard thing, and I walked ahead towards her.
     “Thanks again,” Jay said.  Then came up to Rania and me.  “Are you guys okay?  Y'all seemed a little off.  Well, that's to be expected, never mind what I asked, y'all always are.”
     “We had an amazing breakthrough!” Rania yelled, then blushed.  “I mean, we had a discovery that might tell us a little bit about Hathor.”
     “Whatever,” Jay grumbled, then said, “Go on ahead, I have places to be.”  He then left, leaving a small trail of gray colored dust.  This being a normal occurrence, Rania and I walked off.
     I got back home to my mother trying on her new dress for the movie premiere.  After I made sure that everything was put in its place for the chef to prepare,  Rania knocked on the door, my guess was that is was a signal to hurry. 
     "Good God what is taking you so long?"  We got to Rania’s house and went straight to work. Rania pulled out her laptop and I snatched it from her then quickly started typing in, “Hathor the grocery bagger,” but this is what showed up: INVALID ENTRY.  I soon got angered by the fact that I was wrong.  Rania tried to examine my mistakes.  She picked up her laptop and shrieked, dropping it.  The screen shattered and the keys on the keyboard scattered across her bedroom floor. 
      Instead of getting upset, she laughed it all off as if she had seen something hilarious.
     “Why the  heck are you laughing?”
     “I guess it didn't like your search request.  Plus, I'm getting a new one next week.  Just come back then and we'll find out actual information.”
     “Ok then, bye.”
      I went straight back to my house.  When I got there, though, my mom was waiting for me on the porch.
     “Sa’ra, we need to talk.”

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