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Morning Rises Into The Woods

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Shiny were the first sun rays on the cold frost snow, the snow glittered like diamonds from queen Elizabeth's crown. It was so silent, so soothing, so magical. The creatures, slowly woke up from the warm sunlight which contrasted with the frosty air. My family, my cozy soft family were the ones who ruled the area, a gorgeous land wanted by everyone, my family were the highest of them all. All the others envied our dynasty. I appreciated the way the other animals looked at us, at me but now not anymore….I start feeling uncomfortable, being always in the spotlight, always noticed…..always seen. Tomorrow will be the great hunt, the day where all wolfs have the chance to show their best hunting skills in a short amount of time, we are all worried, we are all excited, who will win this year’s best hunter? I will win….I have to win….I have to keep the family’s highness….I can’t be responsible for the defeat. The sun rose again, it’s the day, the day we have all been waiting for. All the wolves have started gathering round the starting line, we shall start in a short father said, my heart started pounding faster and faster by the seconds but most probably we were all like that, all nervous to let our family title down. Everyone was quiet, everyone was perfectly on the starting line. The call went off, everyone ran as fast as they could, they didn’t even look like they were even running, they were all floating on air. I reached a quiet area where a  quiet deer was enjoying it’s meal….it has had enough of enjoying it’s meal, now it’s my turn. I started walking towards the deer till, I felt another breathing creature nearby, I started getting closer to the deer till I saw the other living being...It was a human….another hunter…. But he wasn’t simply a hunter looking for any pray, he wanted mine….

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