New Bad World

February 8, 2017
By ztwooten BRONZE, Simms, Texas
ztwooten BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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My friends and I like to walk around, bash witches and zombie skulls open, and party a lot. Hello! My name is Jimmy; I'm 16. The two other people with me are my friends Jeff (He's 25) and he saved me from a crawler after I woke up from a coma in my house and the bloody guy is Cory (He’s 17) and believe it or not but we saved him when he was scared of everything and everyone but now he likes to kill things. But instead of starting here let me start from the beginning.


I was expecting a normal Thursday, I woke up from my dad who was ordering me from to stay and not leave the house for any reason. I didn't understand why he told me this so I got out of bed and crept to the bedroom door and slowly opened it and when I opened the door death was everywhere. My dad yelled my name and said “I'm sorry, I love you” and knocked me out. I woke up about two hours later in my room with something blocking my door from the hallway, so I climbed out from the window to see what it was. I was still kind of dizzy so I  wasn't paying attention to the stuff outside with all dead bodies around and some kind of creatures eating them. When I walked in the house walked In the hallway, I saw my dad bloody on the ground and blocking  the door for some reason. I walked to see why he was like that because I thought he was messing with me like he usually do. I started to shake him to see if he will turn over and laugh at me for falling for it. I shook him for like 5 minutes so I turned him on his back and what I saw changed my life. When I turned him over he was ripped open and half of his face was off.


I was crying and I heard something crawling behind me so I turned around and I saw someone looking at me with red glowing eyes and a bloody face. I asked “ Are you ok?” “Do you need help?” It just stared at me and it started to scream and it started to crawl at me so I got up and ran out the door to get away from this thing. When I was running and screaming for help I saw a person running straight to me and he said “Watch out.” I jumped out of the way and he it the creature with a bat with two big giant nails in the head and killed the creature. He helped me and asked “Are you ok?” and “Did you get scratched or bitten at all?” I said “No.” He started to walk to his hideout and turned around and looking at me like if I was coming with him so I followed him.


When we got to his hideout we started talking about what is going on and what was that thing that attacked me. He said “Before we started to talk, my name is Jeff and that thing is a crawler.” He told me that there was a glitch in all military bases and all the nukes went off all over the world. All the radiation affected some people turned them into different kind of creature that kills and sometimes eats others to survive. After that we started to travel together and found some none bullet weapons like a axe and a machete that we needed to protect us. We stayed next to each other except one day we got separated when like 20 runners ambushed us and made us go the opposite way and we finally found each other after we got away and heard that sounded like a little girl crying. We went in an old house and found her in a closet in the corner. We started to talk to see if she should join us or we should leave her but I talked to him and finally persuaded him to let her join us. But when I reached out to help her up she started to scream at me and turned around and Jeff said “Kill her she is a faker!” I asked “What is a faker?” He said “A faker is a person who gets in a dark place and starts to cry to lure in their prey and rips them to shreds!” I grabbed my knife and stuck it in the side of her head and the screaming stopped and we heard a boy saying “Is she dead?” We looked in the hallway and saw a boy that looked around my age shaking out of his shoes. We said “Yes” and “Who are you?” He said “My name is Cory and I have not been bitten or scratched?” Then he said “That women is my sister we were in here and she never stopped crying but she never cries so I just stayed in my room until I stop hearing it.” When he told us that we decided to let him travel with us because if we find a place we can call home and need food he has seeds and knows how to farm and we can teach him how to defend himself just incase we are not around.


We have been together for about 6 months and all we been doing is avoiding crawlers and runners. We decided to head east but when we got out the forest we found a place that had fences and lots of space to put farms and build other stuff like a watch tower and houses for us. We decided to start making the farm first so that we can eat and have energy to build all the other buildings we are going to build hopefully by the end of the month or next month. After we got the farm done and the houses done we started to look around for some animals we can bring back with us to start breeding them so we have meat instead of just eating fruits and vegetables all day, everyday. When I was walking alone I have found two pigs, three chickens, a rooster, and a pregnant cow so I roped them up and took them to the camp. The last time I went to the forest I found footprints going to the camp but it didn’t look like the other two guys so I followed them and I found a person trying to get in through the ate. I started to sneak behind him but when I got closer he was actually a she so I tried to kill her but when she turned around she wasn't a runner or a faker, she was actually alive. I asked her “What do you want?” and “How did you get here?” After I asked those questions she said “Can I stay here, I will help cook or farm.” I put her in my house and waited for the other two to get here and tell them to decide if she should stay or not. When Jeff and Cory got here I told them about the girl that her name is Tiffany and to see if we should let her stay. We have been talking for about an hour or so and we decided to let her stay as long as she help around and we will build a house for her to make sure she will be ok at night. After months of being Tiffany and I started having feeling for each other and we started   dating until one day we was walking through the path we made from chopping down trees we saw runners coming straight for us. When we saw them we started to run but while we were running Tiffany got her foot caught on a root of a tree that we knocked down and I didn’t noticed until I turned around and I saw her surrounded by crawlers and runners screaming because she was getting eaten while she had her hand and looking at me for help. When I returned to camp Cory and Jeff asked “Where is Tiffany?” I didn’t say anything all I did was I went to my house and laid down on my bed and didn't get up for a long time. 


It's been two weeks since Tiffany died and I still haven't got out of bed but, Cory walked in my house, went to room, and picked me up out of my bed and put me by the fire where we was having rabbit stew for dinner and he gave me a bowl. I didn’t eat anything still and all I did was staring at the bowl of stew thinking of Tiffany because rabbit stew was her favorite. After dinner Cory came up to me to tell me “Forget about Tiffany, if she was here would she want you to act like this!” After he told me that I went to my house and grabbed my gun and went to Cory and Jeff and put the gun to my head and fired. After that they didn’t do anything they just survived and add new people to help them.

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