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Coming Home

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No more of being betrayed. I am completely done with that bullshit. It is now Saturday morning and I already have a head start on packing my belongings. I have my music blasting while I am packing my things. Then, I got a knock on the door. If it is anyone bad or anything like that, I am screwed because I am home alone. I grabbed my knife in case it was a dangerous person. Kristee and her parents were at the door. My nightmare had came true.
“Are you Jessie?” said Kristee’s mom. “Yes I am.” “I heard what my daughter had done to you.” “Oh yea?” “Yes, and I am terribly sorry for her doing that to you.” “Well, her friends were in on it to, you know?” “Yes I know that, but it was Kristee’s plan all along. She needs to be the one that is sorry.” said Kristee’s dad. “Yea because she f***ing beat me up.” “Kristee, you need to apologize to her. Right now!” “I’m not sorry for what I did. She deserves it.” “Say you’re sorry. Now!” “Fine. Sorry Jessie.”
“I don’t forgive you. You f***ing tied me up left me in your room, and then you tried to f***ing attack me! Thanks to you I got to fix my tailgate from where you and your dumbass friends put dents into it! You are the ones that is responsible for that! My parents despise you and so do I. I hate you and your fake friends so much! You know how much that is going to cost? Damn near 100 bucks! Thanks to you and what you did to me last night, I’m moving because of you! Hope you are happy you selfish, preppy whore.”
My little rant left them speechless. “Glad I am getting rid of you, b****.” said Kristee. That is when I lost it. I threw my knife back in the house and started beating on her. I scratched her up, gave her a black eye, and I probably bruised her up badly. I was so mad at her. No one will ever call me a b****, not again. Her parents tried to get me off of her, but they failed. I kept punching her and then, my parents pulled up. They knew who was there and who I was beating up. They ran to me and yanked me away from Kristee. My mom had my arms around my back, making me resist from beating up Kristee. I had done what I should have done last night. I gave her the beating of her life. I do not feel sorry one bit. She deserves it.
“Get the f*** off of my property before I shoot you!” my dad said. “You don’t even own a gun!” Kristee said. My dad went to the 1967 chevy impala and got his gun from the hiding spot. He went back to the doorstep and stood there. I could tell he meant business. The look on Kristee and her parents’ faces were priceless. They were in shock. My dad said “You owe use 100 bucks for the damage to my daughter’s tailgate on her car and an apology.” Kristee said sorry and her parents gave my dad the 100 dollars. They also gave me 100 dollars for no reason, but I didn’t say anything to them. I was so mad at Kristee.
“Never call me a b**** ever, Kristee. I’ll be glad when I’m away from you and your family.” I said. Her parents grabbed Kristee and walked off. I have zero regrets from what I said to Kristee and for what I have done. My parents brought me inside and they don’t seem mad at me. “Now, please finish what you have left and we are out of this state.” my parents said. “You’re not mad?” I said, as I was putting my money in my back pocket. “No, because you are an adult now and we don’t need to be punishing you.” my mom said. 
I went up to my room and continued with what I was doing. I finished my packing in a matter of minutes. I loaded my car up with my belongings and I was wait for my parents to finish up. We didn’t have that much stuff, so I knew it was not going to take long. We got everything packed up, and then my mom handed my knife to me along with a new one. “Here is your knife, along with a new one.” “Thanks. Can we just go now?” My mom got in my car and my dad got into his. I decided to ride with my mom instead of my dad. I still cannot believe what I had done to Kristee.
We were halfway there to my home state, when my mom asked me a question. “Why did you do that to Kristee?” “Because she deserved it, mom. Her calling me a b**** and for what she done to me last night, hell no! I don’t play like that.” “Well then” my mom said. I had let my mom drive because I was getting tired and I needed a break. Back there in Kentucky, Kristee got into major trouble, from what Carter had texted me. I unblocked her because she didn’t tie me up. She went along with it because she was forced to.
Carter had told me that Kristee went out and damn near robbed a store because she was so pissed off. She also went back to my place and had realized that I moved out. I also heard that she busted all of the windows, left glass on the ground and busted all of the doors in. Carter was the one who called the cops because she saw her damaging the old house. Kristee had been charged for breaking an entering, and also been charged for robbery. She had been sentenced to 3 years in jail. Carter told me that Kristee deserves for being in jail. Carter told me that she thinks that I am pretty cool and that she is sad that I am moving away.
I actually found a friend that don’t judge me! Wish I could see Carter one last time. Lordy, I’m gonna miss her like crazy. As I was setting up my room, my phone rang and it startled me. Turns out, it was Carter who called. Man, I miss her so much! Hopefully, me and her will get to hang out! Maybe someday we can.
“Hey girlie! What’s up?” I said with excitement. “Nothing much. Bored as hell. You?” “Oh nothing really. Just unpacking.” “Dude I gotta tell you something!” My heart was pounding. I have no idea what she is about to tell me. Hopefully, it is nothing bad like Kristee busting out of prison or something like that. “Yea? What is that?” “Kristee busted out of prison and is driving towards your home state right now.” “Dude really? It’s f***ing 5 o’clock in the afternoon here!” “Damn girl it’s only 2 o’clock here. You need to come back here! I miss ya.” “I miss ya too, but I ain’t going back there til Kristee is in jail.” “Girl she on her way to ya right now!” “S*** man I don’t have to worry about that for a decent bit. She will never find me.” “I gotta go.” “Alright bye.”
I can’t believe Kristee is coming for me. To either get revenge or to probably go on a huge rampage. Whatever she does, she’ll never mind me because she don’t know where I live. I swear if she shows up, I will beat her ass to the ground, I don’t care where we’re at, I will fight her. I live way out there in Nevada, there is no way she can find me. I’ll have the police at my house, guarding me and making sure Kristee will not come near me and my family.


It is now Sunday morning and I got a text from Carter, saying that Kristee made her way in Nevada and is currently looking for me. Honestly, I think she won’t find me because I live way out there in Nevada. Like I live in the suburbs of Reno, Nevada. I’m pretty sure Kristee will not find me. Even if she does, I’ll fight my own battle. If she has something to say, then she can say it to my face. I’m not afraid to take hurtful comments. They will not break me in any way possible. I can pretty much take anything. I’m positive that a few little verbal and physical won’t break me. Kristee does not stand a chance against me.
It is now Sunday afternoon and I have not heard anything from Carter about Kristee. Then, I got a text from Carter, saying that Kristee had found me. I looked out from my window and I saw Kristee in the large cornfields across from my place. I called the police and now they are on there way to protect me and arrest Kristee. FIve minutes have past and Kristee is now standing in the middle of the street, waving a shotgun in the air. My mom and dad’s car is gone, so only mine is visible. She knows where I live and is not out to get me. I’m not scared, not one bit. Like I said, Kristee does not stand a chance against me.
Now, 15 minutes have past by and the cops have finally showed up. They surrounded their cops cars around Kristee and are pointing their guns at her. Kristee did not do anything, but kept inching and inching closer to my house. I got the guts and decided to go out there and fight my own battle. I ran out there and stood at my door step. Kristee then decided to run for it and try to attack me, but she failed. The cops ran and tackled her to the ground. She has been arrested, once again. I’m surprised that she didn’t fire her gun at me. The cops then contacted my parents and they are on their way home. One of the officers told me that Kristee will be in jail back in Kentucky and that extra security will be watching her.
I now won’t have to deal with her anymore. Kristee will finally be out of my life for good. Thanks to Carter for keeping me updated on this. If she never had did, then Kristee would be at my house, and I wouldn’t have figured out that she was out to get me. I am now safe. She will not bother me anymore.

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