January 16, 2015
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I stare into the mirror at myself, the me that isn’t quite me. I know I look disheveled and ragged. The girl that stares out at me with her mahogany brown hair, pale skin and mud-brown eyes is clean and wears an expression of loathing. I press my fingertips into Ms. Gray’s ornate gold framed mirror. The pounding on the green painted door is becoming louder, more desperate. A few bullet shots ring out. The Corps are almost through. I have seconds, if anything. I step into the mirror. My reflection steps away with a gasp.  I grab a candelabrum from an entryway table and smash the mirror from the other side. Shards of glass rain down on the men with the guns, tearing their dark green suits and slashing through their skin. I put a reassuring hand on the pistol in my pocket. One shot left.
My reflection lies on the floor where I pushed her against the mirror. I don’t really care if she’s dead or not, so I just leave her. I push through the door and sprint through the streets, amassing a horde of chasing reflections. They screech at me “Go away! You don’t belong!” and take up a chant of “Kill! Kill! Kill!” I snatch a knife out of my belt loop and slash at which ever evil reflections get too close for comfort.
I’m at the castle in minutes. It is made of polished black rock and casts a menacing shadow across the small, white houses. I take my gun out and hold it in my palm, slicking it with sweat. Justin comes running down the hall.
“Astrid! You came!” he hugs me.
“Yeah, I did. We have to get her.”
“The Queen Gina?” Justin looks at me with worry
“Ye-es! I’m going to kill her.” I show Justin the blackened gun.
“No!” He grabs my shoulders. “She’ll kill you.”
“Sorry” I mutter. I knock him out with the gun. He’s just going to slow me down. I need my revenge on Gina.
I walk down the hallways, gun out, ready to pounce. The halls are empty, the polished walls showing me no way out. Rhythmic footsteps start up slowly, and then grow louder. Perfect. They’ll take me to Gina. The patrol of guards round the corner and see me.
“Stop!” One yells. I start jogging to make it look like I don’t want to be caught. They catch me within seconds and force me to my knees on the white tile floor.
“Who are you?” His face is hidden by the helm.
“I’m no one if immediate importance.”
“Why are you here?”
“That’s a rather bold question. Maybe the Queen can get an answer.”
They take me by the arms and lead me away. We arrive in a carpeted hall that feeds into a dais with a throne perched atop.
“Kneel!” The guard shouts. I kneel but keep my head high.
“Who are you?” The queen asks.
“That’s personal. I’ll tell you in private.”
Gina waves the guards away. I stand and take the gun.
“Gina. You killed my mother. You killed my father. You enslaved my best friend. You deserve to suffer. But because I am not like you, I’ll simply kill you.”
My finger clicks the safety off. Her mouth forms into a small O as the band resounds. I see her dress lying empty on the floor, crumpled and white. There is a single blood stain on it, but no Queen.  The guards burst in. I run.
They’re close. I have to stop and grab Justin. He woke up and looks confused as we run down the street, frantically looking for a mirror. The guards and evil reflections follow us, shrieking
“Killer of Queen Gina, surrender!” The archers load their longbows. I fly through a door and straight into the hallway mirror. Justin is behind me, an arrow in his shoulder. He collapses on the floor beside me and I shatter the mirror before anything can come through.
The next day at school, I can’t stop thinking about Justin. He’s in the hospital, probably covering up the story of how he got shot with an arrow no one has used since the nineteenth century. I walk into Science class and realize there is a substitute. She is facing away from me. But as I walk in, she turns. I see Queen Gina’s face staring at me with hatred.
“Hello. I’m Ms. Gina. What is your name, girl?”
“You!” I gasp.

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